Annual reports and other corporate publications

ECSA produces an annual report every financial year detailing activities and providing accountability to stakeholders. The annual report is tabled in Parliament and contains audited financial statements and performance indicators.

We also produce other corporate publications that deal with the strategic and operational aspects of ongoing activities. 

Access copies of reports and other associated publications on the annual reports and other corporate publications page.


Brochures, guides and videos

We publish a wide range of materials designed to inform and educate South Australians about our electoral processes. Brochures, guides and videos range in accessibility levels and are produced in multiple languages to cater for everyone.

Find out more on our brochures, guides and videos page.


Election reports

Council elections

After each council election, we produce a report covering all aspects of the election, including a summary of the results. 

Access all reports on our council election reports page.

State elections and by-elections

After each state election and by-election, we produce a report which is tabled in Parliament. For state elections, a statistics report is also published.

Access all reports on our state and by-election reports page.