The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) maintains the electoral roll for South Australia. You can check your current electoral enrolment by entering your details on the AEC's website via the following link:

For privacy reasons, your electoral enrolment will only be confirmed if the details you enter are an exact match to your details on the electoral roll.

I can't see my enrolment details after checking online

If you cannot confirm your electoral enrolment online it doesn't mean you are not enrolled.

If you have recently completed an enrolment form please allow a few days for the AEC to receive your form, process it and update the electoral roll. If you recently enrolled or changed your address online you can check the progress of your enrolment by using the receipt number you were provided. Have your receipt number handy and click on the following link.

If you are still unable to confirm your enrolment, please contact:

Silent, itinerant and overseas electors

If you are registered as a silent, itinerant or overseas elector your details are not available online.

Please contact: