A how-to-vote card is prepared by a party, group or independent candidate and indicates how they want electors to record their preferences when voting. It is your choice whether you follow a how-to-vote card when you vote.

There are two types of how-to-vote cards:

  • A how-to-vote card lodged with the Electoral Commission SA for display in polling booths and early voting centres.
  • A how-to-vote card lodged with the Electoral Commission SA by a person who intends to distribute the card during the election period.

Political party and candidate workers

Political party and candidate workers may be outside polling places with 'how-to-vote' cards showing you how they would like you to vote for their candidate. You do not have to take these if you don't want to.

A person must not distribute a how-to-vote card during the election period unless it is substantially the same as a card lodged for display in polling booths or lodged with Electoral Commission SA.

How-to-vote cards for House of Assembly

How-to-vote Card Booklet (All districts in one)
 (PDF 10MB)

Adelaide   (PDF 217 kB)
Badcoe   (PDF 840 kB)
Black   (PDF 1.12 MB)
Bragg   (PDF 208 kB)
Chaffey   (PDF 787 kB)
Cheltenham   (PDF 364 kB)
Colton   (PDF 296 kB)
Croydon   (PDF 1.91 MB)
Davenport   (PDF 245 kB)
Dunstan   (PDF 293 kB)
Elder   (PDF 751 kB)
Elizabeth   (PDF 658 kB)
Enfield   (PDF 750 kB)
Finniss   (PDF 660 kB)
Flinders   (PDF 501 kB)
Florey   (PDF 704 kB)
Frome   (PDF 334 kB)
Gibson   (PDF 267 kB)
Giles   (PDF 733 kB)
Hammond   (PDF 667 kB)
Hartley   (PDF 821 kB)
Heysen   (PDF 751 kB)
Hurtle Vale   (PDF 756 kB)
Kaurna   (PDF 152 kB)
Kavel   (PDF 779 kB)
King   (PDF 657 kB)
Lee   (PDF 828 kB)
Light   (PDF 558 kB)
MacKillop   (PDF 691 kB) 
Mawson   (PDF 676 kB)
Morialta   (PDF 803 kB)
Morphett   (PDF 349 kB)
Mount Gambier   (PDF 2.93 MB)
Narungga   (PDF 658 kB)
Newland   (PDF 959 kB)
Playford   (PDF 691 kB)
Port Adelaide   (PDF 979 kB)
Ramsay   (PDF 759 kB)
Reynell   (PDF 758 kB)
Schubert   (PDF 684 kB)
Stuart   (PDF 135 kB)
Taylor   (PDF 686 kB)
Torrens   (PDF 208 kB)
Unley   (PDF 383 kB)
Waite   (PDF 788 kB)
West Torrens   (PDF 238 kB)
Wright   (PDF 699 kB)


How-to-vote cards for Legislative Council

How-to-Vote Posters - Legislative Council

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