A how-to-vote card (HTV) is prepared by a party, group or independent candidate and indicates how they want you to record your preferences when voting. It is up to you whether you follow a HTV card or mark your ballot papers according to your own choices.

There are 2 types of HTV cards:

  • A HTV card lodged with the Electoral Commission of South Australia for display in polling booths and early voting centres.
  • A HTV card lodged with the Electoral Commission of South Australia by a person who intends to distribute the card during the election period.

Political party and candidate workers

Political party and candidate workers may be outside polling places with HTV cards showing you how they would like you to vote for their candidate. You do not have to take these if you don't want to.

A person must not distribute a HTV card during the election period unless it is substantially the same as a card lodged for display in polling booths or lodged with Electoral Commission of South Australia.