After each State Election and by-election, ECSA produces a report which is tabled in Parliament and made publicly available. The reports cover all aspects of an election, including a summary of the results.

Detailed results are made available in statistics reports, or on our past state election results page.

Reports for state elections and by-elections since 1997 are available below.

2019 by-elections

2019 Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections Report (PDF 9.8 MB) 
Electors Survey 2019 Report (PDF 859 KB) 

2018 State Election


2014 State Election and by-elections

2014 State Election Report including Fisher and Davenport by-elections (PDF  7 MB) 
2014 State Election Statistics (PDF 11.91 MB) 

2012 by-elections

2012 Port Adelaide and Ramsay by-elections Report and Statistics (PDF 3.4 MB) 

2010 State Election

2010 State Election Report (PDF 3.8 MB) 
2010 State Election Statistics (PDF 9.7 MB) 

2009 by-election

2009 Frome by-election Report and Statistics (PDF 1.9MB) 

2006 State Election

2006 State Election Report (PDF 3.6 MB) 
2006 State Election Statistics (PDF 7.4 MB) 

2002 State Election

2002 State Election Report (PDF 1.9 MB) 
2002 State Election Statistics (PDF 7.5 MB) 

1997 State Election

1997 State Election Report (PDF 1.2 MB)