Independent candidates contesting the Bragg by-election have until 12:00 noon on Friday 17 June to nominate.

Independent candidates must be nominated by at least 20 persons who are enrolled and qualified to vote in the same district the candidate is intending to contest.

Nominations must be accompanied by a deposit of $1,000 in a banker's cheque (not a personal cheque) or electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the Electoral Commission of South Australia. If EFT is made you must provide a printed receipt showing successful lodgement of payment.

You must lodge the following with the returning officer for the district you are proposing to contest before the close of nominations:

  • A completed nomination form
  • The details and signatures of at least 20 nominators who are electors enrolled in the district you’re intending to contest
  • A $1,000 deposit (banker’s cheque or EFT)

Find out more information on our House of Assembly candidates page.