Here at ECSA we’re busy getting ready for the 2022 State Election in March, but our job is not just about what you see on polling day!

 While our polling booth staff might be the people you’re most familiar with, it takes a team of over 7,000 South Australians to deliver an election. And over the next three months we’re excited to introduce you to some of our talented team.  

Meet Kate, our Project Manager of Election Workforce Learning. Kate joined ECSA nearly 2 years ago and felt that the unique opportunity to be part of one of the state’s biggest events was too good to miss!

 Kate has the important role of designing and delivering training to the 7000+ staff hired to help us deliver the 2022 State Election. She relishes the variety of her job which includes storyboarding e-learning modules, running major conferences and procuring a Learning Management Systems.

 An avid runner, Kate recently completed her first half marathon.

Image of Kate standing behind a podium with a caption that says "The opportunity to be part of one of the biggest events that the state runs was too good to miss."