Final results

The results for the supplementary election for the Insert ward/area for the Insert Council are now available. The provisional declaration for the election was made at Insert time day month year.

Campaign Donations Return

All candidates must forward a Campaign Donat

Nominations received

Uncontesed election

At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Insert day date month year, one nomination was received for the vacancy of Insert Council position.

Accordingly, the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999, (external link) division 2(23) provides that the nominated candidate is declared elected. Insert name to the position.

Campaign Donations Return

All candidates must forward a Campaign Donations Return to the Council Chief Executive Officer within 30 days after the conclusion of the election.

125 Years of Votes for Women in South Australia

2019 marks the 125th anniversary of the passing of the Adult Suffrage Bill by the South Australian Parliament. This landmark legislation granted women in South Australia the right to vote in general elections and to stand as members of Parliament – an Australian first.

The legislation would not have come to pass without the tireless campaigning of several local suffragists, including Mary Lee and Catherine Helen Spence along with the lesser known but still instrumental Elizabeth Webb Nicholls, Mary Colton, Serena Thorne Lake, Rose Birks and Augusta Zadow.

Their efforts culminated in the passing of the Adult Suffrage Bill on the 18th of December 1894.  As it was a Constitutional Amendment the bill had to be endorsed by Queen Victoria – which it was in March 1895, allowing women to vote for the first time in South Australian state elections in April 1896.

In 2019 Electoral Commission SA plans to celebrate this important anniversary with a number of initiatives and events, keep an eye out on our webpage and social media channels over the coming months.

Augusta Zadow
Mary Colton
Rosetta Birks
Serena Thorne Lake
Elizabeth Webb Nicholls
Catherine Helen Spence
Mary Lee


Close of roll template page

Due to the Insert reason, a supplementary election is necessary to fill the vacancy for Insert position and Insert if necessary name of relevant ward.


Event Date
Roll close 5pm on day date month year
Opening of nominations day date month year
Nominations close 12 noon on day date month year
Dispatch of ballot material to electors day date month year to day date month year
Close of voting (Polling Day) 12 noon on day date month year
Scrutiny and Count day date month year

Close of roll

The voters roll for this supplementary election closes at 5pm on Insert day/date/month/year.

If you are entitled to vote in the election you will be sent a ballot pack in the mail after Insert day/date/month/year. You can check if you are on the state / federal electoral roll online on the Australian Electoral Commission's website (external link) (must link).



Becoming a member of council is a great way to represent and help make a difference to your local community.

The nomination period for the vacancy of Insert Area Councillor / Ward Councillor for Insert Ward or name will open on Insert day/date/month/year and will close at 12 noon on insert day/date/month/year.

If you are interested in nominating, nomination kits will be available from the Insert name of council office at Insert address in late Insert date.

A candidate briefing session will be held for intending candidates in Insert month with dates to be confirmed closer to the event.

For more information about nominating, contact the Insert Council's name and name of the Election Liaison Officer, on Insert tel number or visit the Council's website Insert Council (external link) (must link).

General information and resources about nominating for council is also available on our resources for council candidates webpage (must link).

Mail out of voting material

Voting material will be mailed to electors between Insert day/date/month/year and Insert day/date/month/year. To be accepted, ballot papers must be completed and returned to reach the Returning Officer no later than 12 noon, Insert day/date/month/year.

A ballot box will be located at the main Council Office for electors who wish to personally deliver their completed voting material during office hours.

Scrutiny and count

The scrutiny and count of ballot papers will be held at the Electoral Commission SA's office at Level 6, 60 Light Square, Adelaide, commencing at approximately Insert time/day/date/month/year. Provisional results are expected to be announced on the afternoon of Insert day/date/month/year.

EasyVote Card

All enrolled electors in the districts of Cheltenham and Enfield will be sent an EasyVote Card in the mail in mid January 2019. The card contains your personal information and a list of your nearest polling booths on the back.

If you bring the card with you to the polling booth, the polling official will use the unique information to quickly find you on the electoral roll and mark off your name. 

You don’t have to bring your EasyVote Card, but if you do you will be marked off the roll quicker and get to the voting compartment quicker.



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