The Electoral Commission SA is legislatively responsible for:

  • conducting and administering elections,
  • ensuring electors are enrolled to vote,
  • registering political parties, and
  • maintaining the electoral roll in conjunction with the Australian Electoral Commission.

The Electoral Commission SA's main functions are to conduct:

  • State and Council elections every four years, including House of Assembly by-elections and council supplementary elections,
  • to provide community awareness programs on the electoral system, and,
  • to conduct elections for statutory authorities such as the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Executive Board, Super SA, Super SA Select, Funds SA, the Architectural Practice Board of South Australia, and the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board.

In addition the Electoral Commission SA also conducts fee-for-service elections and ballots for other organisations that require the appointment of an independent Returning Officer. These elections are generally conducted by post and include the election of office bearers to committees and boards and also the conduct of enterprise agreement ballots.

The Electoral Commission SA conducts the entire election process in accordance with the organisation's constitution and/or election rules. Where the election rules are deficient, the Electoral Commission SA may provide advice on established electoral practices and processes, such as:

  • provision of a list of eligible voters,
  • nominations,
  • methods of voting,
  • informality,and
  • counting procedures.

To conduct an election or ballot, the organisation must provide the Electoral Commission SA a certified list of eligible voters.

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