How-to-vote-cards for Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections

A how-to-vote card is prepared by a party, group or independent candidate and indicates how they want electors to record their preferences when voting. It is your choice whether you follow a how-to-vote card when you vote.

The deadline for lodging how-to-vote-cards for the Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections was 5pm Tuesday 29 January.

How-to-vote-cards CHELTENHAM

How-to-vote-cards ENFIELD

Political party and candidate workers

Political party and candidate workers may be outside polling places with 'how-to-vote' cards showing you how they would like you to vote for their candidate. You do not have to take these if you don't want to.

A person must not distribute a how-to-vote card during the election period unless it is substantially the same as a card lodged for display in polling booths or lodged with Electoral Commission SA.

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