How to Vote

The 2019 Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections will be on 9 February 2019. This page will explain how to vote on polling day.

Voting on polling day - in your electoral district

Outside the polling booth
When you go to a polling booth you may be approached by party supporters handing out how-to-vote cards. How-to-vote cards indicate the voting preference that each candidate supports and can assist you to complete your ballot paper. How-to-vote cards are also displayed inside the voting screens.

How-to-vote cards are not produced by the Electoral Commission SA. You do not have to use a how-to-vote card.

We have a page explaining how-to-vote cards.

Inside the polling booth
You will see tables where electoral officers are sitting and giving ballot papers to voters.

Approach the table and an electoral officer will:

  1. Ask for your full name, address, and whether you have already voted at this election. 
  2. Mark your name on the electoral roll.
  3. Give you one ballot paper.
  4. Direct you to a private voting screen.

Completing your ballot paper
Enter a private voting screen to fill out your ballot paper. Pencils are provided in the voting screen. You can use your own pen or pencil if you choose.

We have a page explaining how to complete your ballot paper.

Please ask an electoral officer if you need assistance completing your ballot paper.

If you make a mistake on the ballot paper, ask an electoral officer for help.

Placing your ballot paper in the ballot box
After completing your ballot paper you must place it in the ballot box..

You have voted at the by-election and can leave the polling place.

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