ECSA conducted a poll on behalf of the Coorong District Council. The Council proposed to change the principal member of the Council to an elected Mayor instead of an appointed Chairperson.

Voting closed at 12 noon, Tuesday 26 October 2021. The following are the declared final results for this poll.

Participation Summary

Enrolment: 3752
Envelopes returned: 1173 (31.26%)
Envelopes accepted: 1145
Envelopes rejected at preliminary scrutiny: 28
Envelopes rejected at count: 2


Question: Do you support changing the principal member of the Council from an appointed Chairperson to a Mayor elected by voters in the Council area, to come into effect for the Local Government elections in November 2022?

Number in favour: 909 (79.81%)
Number opposed:  230 (20.19%)
Total ballot papers: 1143

Daily Returns

Coorong District Council 21.10.21