Lower Eyre Peninsula Map, Detailed

Area Councillor (1 vacancy)
Voting closed in the supplementary election on 8 October 2019.

Kirsty MacGregor


Count Summary
Enrolment: 3830
Formal votes: 1169
Informal Votes: 2 (0.17% of the total votes)
Voter participation: 1192 (31.12% of the total enrolment)
Candidates: 3
Quota: 585
First preference votes (before distribution of preferences)
Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper. Percentages have been rounded to two decimal places.
CandidateFirst preference votesPercentage
WEGENER Susanne 234 20.02%
BARROWCLIFF David 607 51.92%
CHRISTENSEN Terri 328 28.06%
Outcome of the election (after distrubution of preferences)

As David Barrowcliff obtained a number of first preference votes greater than the quota of 585 he is elected without needing to proceed to a distribution of preferences. 

To view the distribution of votes refer to the Lower Eyre Peninsula - Area Councillor - 8 oct 2019 (XLS 53 KB)