Elections for the South Eastern Water Conservation and Drainage Board (the Board) are held every four years. The Board has one member for each of the following electoral zones - Central Electoral Zone, Northern Electoral Zone and Southern Electoral Zone.

The most recent elections were held in July 2020. The outcome of the elections were:

Central Electoral Zone

  •  Brett McLaren (elected unopposed)

Northern Electoral Zone

  • Miles Weston Hannemann (elected unopposed)

Southern Electoral Zone 

  • John James Mullins (elected through postal ballot)


Event Date
Roll close 5pm, Monday 1 June 2020
Opening of nominations Monday 1 June 2020
Nominations close 12 noon, Monday 22 June 2020
Dispatch of ballot material to electors From Monday 29 June 2020
Close of voting  10am, Monday 27 July 2020
Scrutiny and Count Tuesday 28 July 2020 


At the close of nominations at 12 noon on Monday 22 June 2020, the following nominations were received and accepted:

Central Electoral Zone

  • Brett Nicholas McLaren

Northern Electoral Zone

  • Miles Weston Hannemann

Southern Electoral Zone 

With a single nomination accepted for the single vacancy for the Northern Electoral Zone and a single nomination accepted for the single vacancy for the for the Central Electoral Zone, these candidates were elected unopposed (no election required).

With two nominations accepted for the single vacancy for the Southern Electoral Zone, an election was required.

Election results for Southern Electoral Zone

Count Summary
Enrolled voters: 1907
Envelopes returned: 540
Envelopes accepted: 503
Envelopes  rejected: 30
Ballot papers not returned in envelope: 7
Voter participation: 540 (28.32% of the total enrolment)
Formal votes: 502
Informal votes:
Absolute majortiy: 252
First preference votes
Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper. Percentages have been rounded to two decimal places.
Candidate First pref. votes Percentage 
McLEAN, Bruce 221  44.02%
MULLINS, John James 281  55.98%
Distribution of preferences
As John James Mullins obtained an absolute majority, he has been declared elected.