When and where you can vote

Polling day for the 2018 State Election is Saturday 17 March. 

The majority of South Australian voters will vote that day at one of nearly 700 polling booths located around the state. All polling booths will be open between 8am and 6pm. 

For more information about voting on polling day and how to find your nearest polling booth,

For those voters who are unable to get to a polling booth on polling day, a range of options are made available, depending on your location and circumstances. These range from overseas and interstate voting services, to mobile polling teams offering voting services at locations across remote and regional South Australia.

    Tick  Can’t get to a polling booth
Tick  Voting interstate
    Tick  Pre-poll voting Tick  Voting overseas
    Tick  Postal voting Tick  Voting in hospital
    Tick  Remote voting  

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