Services for blind and vision impaired electors

Electoral Commission SA has partnered with the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB) to ensure that electors with vision impairment or who are blind, have access to voting services. 

To this end the following arrangements have been made with the RSB:

  • A Large print letter for vision impaired electors has been written and approved by the RSB. It will be sent to all vision impaired electors who are registered to receive correspondence via the RSB.

  • The large print letter will also be converted to Braille for registered Braille users.

  • An audio CD of the large print letter has been sent via the RSB to their registered members.

  • The Electoral Commission SA has made an mp3 audio version of the letter.

  • Information about the election and provisions for vision impaired electors at polling booths will be promoted by RSB, Guide Dogs SA/NT and Blind Citizen Australia (SA Branch). 

  • Electronic print magnifiers will be provided at designated Pre-poll centres in metro and regional locations which have been endorsed by the RSB.

Electoral Commission SA election advertising will be aired on 5RPH in addition to all major ethnic, metropolitan and regional radio stations across the State.

Assistance is provided in every polling place to electors who have requested that they are unable to vote without assistance. The elector may be accompanied by an assistant of their choice while in the polling booth.

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