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Polling booths open from 8:00am to 6:00pm on Saturday 17 March.  

Saturday 17 March Polling Booths as at 1 February.  List may be subject to change.  

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All polling booths are assessed for disability access. ECSA endeavours to secure fully accessible locations wherever possible. However, as the majority of polling booths are only hired for one day, the location of a polling booth is limited to whatever is available resulting in some booths not being fully accessible. 

Fully accessible means that a person in a wheelchair can independently enter and exit the booth.

Assisted access means that a person in a wheelchair may not be able to independently enter and exit the booth, but the booth can still be reasonably negotiated with assistance.

Name & District Accessibility Address
Aberfoyle Park North (District of Davenport)
Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church Hall, 5159
Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church Hall
70 Manning Rd
(via Lyn St)
Aberfoyle Park (District of Davenport)
Aberfoyle Park High School, 5159
Aberfoyle Park High School
36A Taylors Rd East
Aberfoyle Park South (District of Davenport)
Aberfoyle Hub Primary School, 5159
Aberfoyle Hub Primary School
29 Jeanette Cres
Aberfoyle Park Central (District of Davenport)
Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus, 5159
Aberfoyle Park Primary School Campus
2 Campus Dr
(Drama Hall via London Rd)
Adelaide (District of Adelaide)
Christian Brothers College - Senior, 5000
Christian Brothers College - Senior
214 Wakefield St
Adelaide Hospital (District of Adelaide)
Royal Adelaide Hospital, 5000
Royal Adelaide Hospital
Port Rd
(Main Entrance - Volunteer Area (3A))
Adelaide South (District of Adelaide)
Gilles St Primary School, 5000
Gilles St Primary School
91 Gilles St
Adelaide West (District of Adelaide)
Adelaide High School, 5000
Adelaide High School
West Tce
Albert Park (District of Cheltenham)
Lutheran Church Albert Park, 5014
Lutheran Church Albert Park
57 Osborne St
Aldgate (District of Heysen)
Aldgate Primary School, 5154
Aldgate Primary School
3 Fairview Rd
(via Strathalbyn Rd)
Aldinga Beach (District of Mawson)
Galilee Catholic School, 5173
Galilee Catholic School
Cnr How and Quinliven Rd
Aldinga Beach West (District of Mawson)
Aldinga Community Centre (Symonds Reserve Hall), 5173
Aldinga Community Centre (Symonds Reserve Hall)
Stewart Ave
Alford (District of Narungga)
Alford Hall, 5555
Alford Hall
High St
Allenby Gardens (District of Croydon & West Torrens)
Allenby Gardens Primary School, 5009
Allenby Gardens Primary School
33 Barham St
American River (District of Mawson)
American River Community Hall, 5221
American River Community Hall
Ryberg Rd
Andamooka (District of Giles)
Andamooka Primary School, 5722
Andamooka Primary School
School Rd
Andrews Farm (District of Light & Taylor)
St Columba College, 5114
  St Columba College
42 President Ave
Angaston (District of Schubert)
Angaston Town Hall, 5353
Angaston Town Hall
Washington St
Angle Vale (District of Light, Schubert & Taylor)
Angle Vale Primary School, 5117
  Angle Vale Primary School
Heaslip Rd
Ardrossan (District of Narungga)
Ardrossan Area School, 5571
Ardrossan Area School
14 Second St
Arno Bay (District of Flinders)
Arno Bay Memorial Hall, 5603
Arno Bay Memorial Hall
21-23 Tel El Kebir Tce
Arthurton (District of Narungga)
Arthurton Town Hall, 5572
Arthurton Town Hall
14 Main St
Ascot Park (District of Badcoe)
Active Elders Association, 5043
Active Elders Association
27A Charles St
(via Albert St)
Ashbourne (District of Heysen)
Eastern Fleurieu School (Ashbourne Campus), 5157
Eastern Fleurieu School (Ashbourne Campus)
14 Ashbourne Rd
Athelstone South (District of Hartley & Morialta)
Thorndon Park Primary School, 5076
  Thorndon Park Primary School
71 Stradbroke Rd
Athelstone (District of Morialta)
Athelstone Primary School, 5076
Athelstone Primary School
8A Brookside Rd
Auburn (District of Frome)
Auburn RSL Hall, 5451
Auburn RSL Hall
Main North Rd
Balaklava (District of Frome)
Balaklava High School, 5461
Balaklava High School
Gwy Tce
Banksia Park (District of Newland)
Banksia Park School R-7, 5091
Banksia Park School R-7
1-5 Cottenham Rd
Barmera (District of Chaffey)
Barmera Recreation Centre, 5345
Barmera Recreation Centre
1 James Ave
Beachport (District of MacKillop)
Beachport Community Hall, 5280
Beachport Community Hall
Golf Course Rd
Beaumont (District of Bragg)
Beaumont Scout Hall, 5066
  Beaumont Scout Hall
42 Cooper Pl
Bedford Park (District of Davenport)
Flinders Medical Centre, 5042
Flinders Medical Centre
Womens Health Clinic Flinders Dr
Belair (District of Waite)
Belair Primary School, 5052
Belair Primary School
45-83 Main Rd
Bellevue Heights (District of Davenport & Waite)
Bellevue Heights Primary School, 5050
Bellevue Heights Primary School
17-19 Vaucluse Cres
Berri (District of Chaffey)
Berri Bowling Club (Glassey Park), 5343
Berri Bowling Club (Glassey Park)
25 Chilton Rd
Beverley (District of Cheltenham)
Maltese Cultural Centre, 5009
Maltese Cultural Centre
6 Jeanes St
Birdwood (District of Morialta)
Birdwood Primary School, 5234
Birdwood Primary School
46 Shannon St
(via Pflaum St)
Birkenhead (District of Port Adelaide)
Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School, 5015
Le Fevre Peninsula Primary School
Shorney St
Black Forest East (District of Badcoe)
Clarence Park Community Centre, 5035
Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Ave
(via Canterbury Tce)
Black Forest (District of Badcoe)
Black Forest Primary School, 5035
Black Forest Primary School
679 South Rd
(via School Ave)
Blackwood (District of Waite)
Blackwood Hills Baptist Church, 5051
Blackwood Hills Baptist Church
72 Coromandel Pde
(via Garnet Ave)
Blackwood Central (District of Waite)
Blackwood Church of Christ Hall, 5051
Blackwood Church of Christ Hall
367 Shepherds Hill Rd
(Cnr Waite St)
Blair Athol North (District of Enfield)
Blair Athol North School B-7, 5084
Blair Athol North School B-7
5 Marmion Ave
Blair Athol (District of Enfield)
St Paul Lutheran Church Hall, 5084
St Paul Lutheran Church Hall
44 Audrey Ave
Blanchetown (District of Chaffey)
Blanchetown District Hall, 5357
Blanchetown District Hall
3 Shaw St
Blyth (District of Frome)
Blyth Primary School, 5462
Blyth Primary School
August St
Booborowie (District of Stuart)
Booborowie Town Hall, 5417
Booborowie Town Hall
Cnr North Tce & Fourth St
Booleroo Centre (District of Stuart)
Booleroo Centre District Hall, 5482
Booleroo Centre District Hall
30 Stephens St
Bordertown (District of MacKillop)
Bordertown High School, 5268
Bordertown High School
30 South Tce
Bradbury (District of Heysen)
Longwood Hall, 5153
Longwood Hall
706 Longwood Rd
Brahma Lodge (District of Wright)
Brahma Lodge Primary School, 5109
Brahma Lodge Primary School
20 Mortess St
Bridgewater (District of Heysen)
Bridgewater Primary School, 5155
Bridgewater Primary School
46 Morella Gr
Brighton (District of Black & Gibson)
Brighton Primary School, 5048
  Brighton Primary School
1 Highet Ave
Brinkworth (District of Frome)
Brinkworth Primary School, 5464
  Brinkworth Primary School
Main St
Broadview (District of Enfield)
Broadview Uniting Church, 5083
Broadview Uniting Church
61 Galway Ave
(via Collingrove Ave)
Brompton (District of Croydon)
Bowden Brompton Community Centre, 5007
Bowden Brompton Community Centre
19 Green St
Brooklyn Park (District of West Torrens)
Adelaide College of Divinity, 5032
Adelaide College of Divinity
34 Lipsett Tce
Brooklyn Park North (District of West Torrens)
Brooklyn Park Church of Christ, 5032
Brooklyn Park Church of Christ
3 Allen Ave
Brooklyn Park West (District of West Torrens)
Lockleys Primary School, 5032
Lockleys Primary School
29 Elston St
(via May Tce)
Brukunga (District of Kavel)
Brukunga Community Association, 5252
Brukunga Community Association
Pyrites Rd
Burnside (District of Bragg)
Burnside Primary School, 5066
Burnside Primary School
11 High St
Burra (District of Stuart)
Burra Community School Gymnasium, 5417
Burra Community School Gymnasium
7 Bridge Tce
(via Smelts Rd)
Burton (District of Ramsay & Taylor)
Burton Primary School, 5110
Burton Primary School
49A Kensington Way
(via Brookfield Ave)
Bute (District of Narungga)
Bute Hall, 5560
Bute Hall
Main St
Cadell (District of Chaffey)
Cadell Institute, 5321
Cadell Institute
McGuire Tce
Callington (District of Hammond)
Callington Memorial Hall, 5254
Callington Memorial Hall
Callington Rd
Cambrai (District of Hammond)
Cambrai Area School, 5353
Cambrai Area School
Main Rd
Campbelltown (District of Hartley)
Uniting Church Hall Campbelltown, 5074
Uniting Church Hall Campbelltown
607 Lower North East Rd
Cape Jervis (District of Mawson)
Cape Jervis Community Recreation & Sporting Club, 5204
Cape Jervis Community Recreation & Sporting Club
17 Ransford St
Carpenter Rocks (District of Mount Gambier)
Carpenter Rocks Recreation Hall, 5291
Carpenter Rocks Recreation Hall
Carpenter Rocks Rd
Ceduna (District of Flinders)
Ceduna and Districts Bowling Club, 5690
Ceduna and Districts Bowling Club
South Tce
Charleston (District of Kavel)
Charleston Memorial Hall, 5244
Charleston Memorial Hall
Newman Rd
Cheltenham (District of Cheltenham)
Cheltenham Community Centre, 5014
Cheltenham Community Centre
62 Stroud St North
Cherry Gardens (District of Davenport)
Cherry Gardens Memorial Hall, 5157
Cherry Gardens Memorial Hall
312 Cherry Gardens Rd
Christie Downs North (District of Reynell)
Lonsdale Heights Primary School, 5164
Lonsdale Heights Primary School
25 Sunningdale Dr
Christie Downs East (District of Reynell)
Elizabeth House Positive Ageing Centre, 5164
Elizabeth House Positive Ageing Centre
112 Elizabeth Rd
Christie Downs (District of Reynell)
Christie Downs Primary School, 5164
Christie Downs Primary School
33 Elizabeth Rd
Christies Beach (District of Reynell)
Christies Beach Primary School, 5165
Christies Beach Primary School
46 Maturin Ave
Christies Beach North (District of Reynell)
St John the Apostle Parish School, 5165
St John the Apostle Parish School
14 Winnerah Rd
Clapham (District of Elder & Waite)
Clapham Primary School, 5062
Clapham Primary School
48 Barretts Rd
Clare (District of Frome)
Vineyard Lutheran School, 5453
Vineyard Lutheran School
59 Main North Rd
Clarence Gardens (District of Badcoe)
St Francis Church Community Centre, 5039
St Francis Church Community Centre
835 South Rd
Clarence Park (District of Badcoe & Unley)
Church of the Trinity, 5034
Church of the Trinity
318 Goodwood Rd
Clarendon (District of Heysen)
Clarendon Primary School, 5157
Clarendon Primary School
Potter Rd
Clearview (District of Enfield)
The Good Shepherd Community Centre, 5085
The Good Shepherd Community Centre
59 Fairview Tce
Cleve (District of Flinders)
Cleve Area School, 5640
Cleve Area School
Second St
Cobdogla (District of Chaffey)
Cobdogla Primary School, 5346
Cobdogla Primary School
2-12 Dolan St
Coffin Bay (District of Flinders)
Coffin Bay Community Hall, 5607
Coffin Bay Community Hall
The Esplanade
Colonel Light Gardens South (District of Elder)
Colonel Light Gardens Primary School, 5041
Colonel Light Gardens Primary School
1 Windsor Ave
Coober Pedy (District of Giles)
TAFE SA Coober Pedy Campus, 5723
TAFE SA Coober Pedy Campus
Cnr Post Office Hill Rd & Hutchison St
Coobowie (District of Narungga)
Coobowie Community Hall, 5583
Coobowie Community Hall
Gilbert St
Coomandook (District of Hammond)
Coomandook Uniting Church Hall, 5261
Coomandook Uniting Church Hall
Dukes Hwy
Coonalpyn (District of MacKillop)
Coonalpyn Community Hall, 5265
Coonalpyn Community Hall
Dukes Hwy
Coonawarra (District of MacKillop)
Coonawarra Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5263
Coonawarra Soldiers Memorial Hall
Helen Rd
Corny Point (District of Narungga)
Corny Point Memorial Hall, 5575
Corny Point Memorial Hall
2 Liddiards Rd
Coromandel Valley (District of Waite)
Coromandel Valley Primary School, 5051
Coromandel Valley Primary School
339 Main Rd
Cowandilla (District of West Torrens)
Cowandilla Primary School, 5033
Cowandilla Primary School
21 Jenkins St
Cowell (District of Giles)
Franklin Harbour Institute, 5602
Franklin Harbour Institute
8 Main St
Crafers (District of Heysen & Waite)
Crafers Primary School, 5152
Crafers Primary School
55 Piccadilly Rd
Craigmore (District of Elizabeth)
Craigmore High School, 5114
Craigmore High School
2 Jamieson Rd
Craigmore South (District of Elizabeth)
Craigmore South Primary School, 5114
Craigmore South Primary School
1 Gooronga Dr
Craigmore North (District of Elizabeth)
Playford Primary School, 5114
Playford Primary School
216-220 Adams Rd
Croydon (District of Croydon)
St Barnabas Anglican Church, 5008
St Barnabas Anglican Church
4 William St
Croydon Park (District of Croydon)
Church of the Nazarene, 5008
Church of the Nazarene
60 Days Rd
Crystal Brook (District of Frome)
Crystal Brook Primary School, 5523
Crystal Brook Primary School
7 Mitchell St
Cudlee Creek (District of Morialta)
Cudlee Creek Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5232
Cudlee Creek Soldiers Memorial Hall
4 Redden Rd
Cummins (District of Flinders)
Cummins Area School, 5631
Cummins Area School
McFarlane St
Curramulka (District of Narungga)
Curramulka Primary School, 5580
Curramulka Primary School
1 Sixth St
Currency Creek (District of Finniss)
Currency Creek Community Hall, 5214
Currency Creek Community Hall
2836 Alexandrina Rd
Darke Peak (District of Flinders)
Darke Peak Sporting Complex, 5642
Darke Peak Sporting Complex
Cnr Carrapee Hill & Balumbah-Kinnard Rds
Davoren Park (District of Taylor)
Swallowcliffe School P-7, 5113
  Swallowcliffe School P-7
Swallowcliffe Rd
Daw Park (District of Elder)
Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church Hall, 5041
Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church Hall
560 Goodwood Rd
(via Aver Ave playground entrance)
Dernancourt (District of Torrens)
Dernancourt Primary School, 5075
Dernancourt Primary School
29 Parsons Rd
Dublin (District of Narungga)
Dublin Institute, 5501
Dublin Institute
Cnr Sixth & First Sts
Echunga (District of Heysen)
Echunga Primary School, 5153
Echunga Primary School
802 Echunga Rd
Eden Hills (District of Waite)
Blackwood Primary School, 5050
Blackwood Primary School
4 Seymour St
Eden Valley (District of Schubert)
Eden Valley Lutheran Church Hall, 5235
Eden Valley Lutheran Church Hall
Cnr Murray St & Keyneton Rd
Edithburgh (District of Narungga)
Edithburgh Institute, 5583
Edithburgh Institute
Blanche St
Edwardstown (District of Badcoe)
South Point Church of Christ, 5039
South Point Church of Christ
24 Towers Tce
Elizabeth (District of Elizabeth)
Church of the Holy Cross, 5112
Church of the Holy Cross
Elizabeth Way
Elizabeth Downs (District of Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Downs Primary School, 5113
Elizabeth Downs Primary School
Heard St
(via carpark)
Elizabeth East (District of Elizabeth & King)
Elizabeth East Primary School, 5112
Elizabeth East Primary School
15 Dolphin St
Elizabeth Grove (District of Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Grove Primary School, 5112
Elizabeth Grove Primary School
20 Haynes St
Elizabeth North (District of Taylor)
Elizabeth North Primary School, 5113
Elizabeth North Primary School
141 Woodford Rd
Elizabeth Park (District of Elizabeth)
Elizabeth Park Primary School, 5113
Elizabeth Park Primary School
15 Turner Rd
Elizabeth South (District of Elizabeth)
Elizabeth South Primary School, 5112
Elizabeth South Primary School
Chivell St
Elizabeth Vale (District of Elizabeth & King)
Elizabeth Vale Primary School, 5112
Elizabeth Vale Primary School
13-19 Rollison Rd
(via Clarke St)
Elliston (District of Flinders)
Elliston Area School, 5670
Elliston Area School
Flinders Hwy
Enfield (District of Enfield)
Enfield Primary School, 5085
Enfield Primary School
Clarice Ave
(via Harewood Ave)
Enfield South (District of Enfield)
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College, 5085
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College
496 Regency Rd
Ethelton (District of Port Adelaide)
Portlife Church, 5015
Portlife Church
1 Causeway Rd
Eudunda (District of Stuart)
Eudunda RSL, 5374
Eudunda RSL
2 Railway Pde
Evanston (District of Light)
Gawler and District College B12, 5116
Gawler and District College B12
Barnet Rd
Evanston Gardens (District of Light)
Evanston Gardens Primary School, 5116
Evanston Gardens Primary School
71 Angle Vale Rd
Fairview Park (District of Newland)
Fairview Park Primary School, 5126
Fairview Park Primary School
Nepondi Ct
Farrell Flat (District of Stuart)
Farrell Flat Memorial Hall, 5416
Farrell Flat Memorial Hall
1 Patterson St
Felixstow (District of Dunstan)
Felixstow Education Office, 5070
Felixstow Education Office
5-11 Briar Rd
Findon (District of Cheltenham)
Western Link Uniting Church, 5023
Western Link Uniting Church
93 Crittenden Rd
Findon West (District of Cheltenham)
Findon High School, 5023
Findon High School
44 Drummond Ave
Flagstaff Hill (District of Davenport)
Flagstaff Hill R-7 School, 5159
Flagstaff Hill R-7 School
145 Black Rd
Flagstaff Hill East (District of Davenport & Waite)
Craigburn Primary School, 5159
Craigburn Primary School
15 Murrays Hill Rd
Flinders Park (District of West Torrens)
Flinders Park Church of Christ, 5025
Flinders Park Church of Christ
34 Franklin Ave
(via Drake Ave)
Forreston (District of Newland)
Forreston Memorial Hall, 5233
Forreston Memorial Hall
Main Rd
Frances (District of MacKillop)
Frances Primary School, 5262
  Frances Primary School
23 Barrett Rd
Freeling (District of Schubert)
Freeling Institute, 5372
Freeling Institute
Clark St
Fulham (District of Colton)
Fulham Community Centre, 5024
Fulham Community Centre
19 Fitch Rd
(via Phelps Ct)
Fullarton (District of Unley)
Highgate Park Building, 5063
Highgate Park Building
103 Fisher St
(Julias Cafe via gates 1 or 2)
Furner (District of MacKillop)
Furner Community Hall, 5280
Furner Community Hall
North Tce
Gawler West (District of Light)
Gawler Primary School, 5118
Gawler Primary School
School Rd
Gawler (District of Light)
Gawler Freemasons Centre, 5118
Gawler Freemasons Centre
Cnr Union St & Lyndoch Rd
Gawler East (District of Light)
Gawler East Primary School, 5118
Gawler East Primary School
Finch Rd
(via School Rd or Parnell St)
Gawler South (District of Light)
Immanuel Lutheran Church Gawler, 5118
Immanuel Lutheran Church Gawler
Cnr Seventh & Second Sts
Georgetown (District of Frome)
Georgetown Memorial Hall, 5472
Georgetown Memorial Hall
Pitt St
Gilles Plains (District of Torrens)
Wandana Primary School, 5086
Wandana Primary School
2-12 Cowra Ave
Gladstone (District of Stuart)
Gladstone Memorial Town Hall, 5473
Gladstone Memorial Town Hall
Cnr Cross St and Fifth St
(via Cross St)
Glen Osmond (District of Bragg)
St Saviour's Church Hall, 5064
St Saviour's Church Hall
2 Pridmore Rd
Glenburnie (District of Mount Gambier)
Glenburnie Primary School, 5291
Glenburnie Primary School
36 Kromelite Rd
Glencoe (District of MacKillop)
Glencoe Central Primary School, 5291
  Glencoe Central Primary School
135 Kirrup Rd
Glenelg (District of Colton & Morphett)
St Mary's Hall, 5045
St Mary's Hall
19 High St
Glenelg East Central (District of Morphett)
Glenelg Primary School, 5045
Glenelg Primary School
Diagonal Rd
Glenelg East (District of Morphett)
St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall, 5045
St Paul's Lutheran Church Hall
48 Brighton Rd
Glenelg North (District of Colton)
Glenelg North Community Centre, 5045
Glenelg North Community Centre
Cnr Alison St & Kibby Ave
Glenelg South (District of Morphett)
St Martin's Church, 5045
St Martin's Church
45 Hastings St
Glengowrie (District of Morphett)
Glengowrie Uniting Church, 5044
Glengowrie Uniting Church
33 Butler Cres
Glenunga (District of Unley)
Glenunga International High School, 5064
Glenunga International High School
99 L'Estrange St
(Gymnasium via Conyngham St)
Glossop (District of Chaffey)
Glossop High School, 5344
Glossop High School
535 Old Sturt Hwy
Glynde (District of Dunstan & Hartley)
Zion Lutheran Church, 5070
Zion Lutheran Church
15 Glynburn Rd
Golden Grove (District of King)
Uniting Church, 5125
Uniting Church
Cnr One Tree Hill & Crouch Rds
Golden Grove Central (District of King & Wright)
Golden Grove High School, 5125
Golden Grove High School
1 Adey Pl
(Dame Roma Mitchell Centre)
Golden Grove East (District of King)
Golden Grove Primary School, 5125
Golden Grove Primary School
140 Bicentennial Dr
(Gymnasium via Botany Dr)
Goodwood (District of Badcoe & Unley)
Goodwood Primary School, 5034
  Goodwood Primary School
140 Goodwood Rd
Goolwa (District of Finniss)
Goolwa Primary School, 5214
Goolwa Primary School
2 Gardiner St
Goolwa Central (District of Finniss)
Goolwa Uniting Church Hall, 5214
Goolwa Uniting Church Hall
1 Collingwood St
Grange (District of Lee)
Grange Primary School, 5022
Grange Primary School
39C Jetty St
Greenock (District of Schubert)
Greenock Institute, 5360
Greenock Institute
Kapunda Rd
Greenwith (District of King)
Greenwith Community Centre, 5125
Greenwith Community Centre
Golden Way
Greenwith West (District of King)
Salvation Army, 5125
Salvation Army
1681 Golden Grove Rd
Gulfview Heights (District of Wright)
Gulfview Heights Primary School, 5096
Gulfview Heights Primary School
39 Kiekebusch Rd
Gumeracha (District of Morialta)
Gumeracha Town Hall, 5233
Gumeracha Town Hall
45 Albert St
Hackham (District of Hurtle Vale & Kaurna)
Hackham East Primary School, 5163
Hackham East Primary School
72 Collins Pde
Hackham West (District of Kaurna & Reynell)
Hackham West R-7 School, 5163
Hackham West R-7 School
50 Glynville Dr
Hahndorf (District of Kavel)
St Michael's Lutheran Church, 5245
St Michael's Lutheran Church
3 Balhannah Rd
Hallett (District of Stuart)
Hallett Institute Hall, 5419
Hallett Institute Hall
Alfred St
Hallett Cove (District of Black)
Hallett Cove School, 5158
Hallett Cove School
2-32 Gledsdale Rd
Hallett Cove South (District of Black)
Hallett Cove South Primary School, 5158
Hallett Cove South Primary School
Livonia St
(via Shamrock Rd)
Hallett Cove East (District of Black)
Hallett Cove East Primary School, 5158
Hallett Cove East Primary School
25-27 Quailo Ave
Hamley Bridge (District of Frome)
Hamley Bridge Primary School, 5401
Hamley Bridge Primary School
13 Florence St
Hampstead Gardens (District of Enfield & Torrens)
Church of Christ Hampstead Gardens, 5086
  Church of Christ Hampstead Gardens
28 Gambia Ave
Happy Valley (District of Davenport & Hurtle Vale)
Happy Valley Primary School, 5159
Happy Valley Primary School
18 Education Rd
Happy Valley West (District of Black, Davenport & Hurtle Vale)
Braeview Primary School, 5159
  Braeview Primary School
1A Montana Dr
Hardwicke Bay (District of Narungga)
Hardwicke Bay Community Centre, 5575
Hardwicke Bay Community Centre
5 Progress Rd
Harrogate (District of Hammond)
Harrogate Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5244
Harrogate Soldiers Memorial Hall
13 Mail Rd
Hawker (District of Giles)
Hawker Institute Hall, 5434
Hawker Institute Hall
Elder Tce
Hawthorn (District of Elder)
Hawthorn Church of Christ, 5062
Hawthorn Church of Christ
42 Angas Rd
Hawthorndene (District of Waite)
Hawthorndene Primary School, 5051
Hawthorndene Primary School
28A Suffolk Rd
Hectorville (District of Hartley)
East Torrens Primary School, 5073
East Torrens Primary School
12 Robson Rd
Henley Beach (District of Colton)
Henley Fulham Uniting Church, 5022
Henley Fulham Uniting Church
214 Military Rd
Henley Beach North (District of Colton)
Fulham Gardens Primary School, 5022
Fulham Gardens Primary School
70-72 Marlborough St
Henley Beach South (District of Colton)
Henley Beach Primary School, 5022
Henley Beach Primary School
38 Hazel Tce
(via Burford Road)
Hewett (District of Light & Schubert)
Hewett Primary School, 5118
Hewett Primary School
Lot 6 Kingfisher Dr
Highbury (District of Morialta & Newland)
Turramurra Recreation Centre, 5089
Turramurra Recreation Centre
1000 Lower North East Rd
Highbury West (District of Morialta)
Dernancourt Kindergarten, 5089
Dernancourt Kindergarten
10 Vernons Dr
Hillbank (District of Elizabeth & King)
Hillbank Community Children's Centre, 5112
Hillbank Community Children's Centre
Penarth Ct
Hillcrest (District of Torrens)
Hillcrest Community Centre, 5086
Hillcrest Community Centre
17-31 Queensborough Ave
(via Fosters Rd)
Holden Hill (District of Torrens)
Kildare College, 5088
Kildare College
96 Valiant Rd
(via Mercedes Rd)
Hope Valley (District of Newland)
Modbury South Primary School, 5090
Modbury South Primary School
8 Dampier Ave
Hope Valley West (District of Newland)
John XXIII Catholic Community Centre, 5090
John XXIII Catholic Community Centre
50 Reservoir Rd
Hope Valley East (District of Morialta & Newland)
Highbury Primary School, 5090
Highbury Primary School
1 Payne St
Houghton (District of Newland)
Houghton Oval Clubrooms, 5131
Houghton Oval Clubrooms
Lower North East Rd
Huntfield Heights (District of Kaurna)
Huntfield Heights Primary School, 5163
  Huntfield Heights Primary School
78 Melsetter Rd
Ingle Farm (District of Florey)
Ingle Farm Primary School, 5098
Ingle Farm Primary School
2 Belalie Rd
Ingle Farm North (District of Florey & Playford)
Salvation Army Ingle Farm, 5098
Salvation Army Ingle Farm
120 Maxwell Rd
Iron Knob (District of Giles)
Iron Knob Rural Transaction Centre, 5601
Iron Knob Rural Transaction Centre
Dickenson St
Jamestown (District of Stuart)
Jamestown Memorial Hall, 5491
Jamestown Memorial Hall
Ayr St
Jervois (District of Hammond)
Jervois Memorial Hall, 5259
Jervois Memorial Hall
William St
Joslin (District of Dunstan)
College Park Scout Hall, 5069
College Park Scout Hall
95 Fourth Ave
Kadina (District of Narungga)
Copper Coast Sport & Leisure Centre, 5554
Copper Coast Sport & Leisure Centre
1 Doswell Tce
Kalangadoo (District of MacKillop)
Kalangadoo Primary School, 5278
Kalangadoo Primary School
48B Kangaroo Flat Rd
(entry via Library door)
Kangarilla (District of Heysen)
Kangarilla Primary School, 5157
Kangarilla Primary School
33-35 Mclaren Flat Rd
Kapunda (District of Stuart)
Kapunda Primary School, 5373
Kapunda Primary School
Mildred St
(Gymnasium off Jeffs St)
Karkoo (District of Flinders)
Karkoo Kooplex, 5607
Karkoo Kooplex
7 Archie Griffiths Rd
Karoonda (District of Hammond)
Karoonda Area School, 5307
Karoonda Area School
North Tce
Keith (District of MacKillop)
Keith Area School, 5267
Keith Area School
Tolmer Tce
Kensington (District of Bragg)
Marryatville Primary School, 5068
Marryatville Primary School
54 Dankel Ave
Kensington Park (District of Bragg)
Kensington Park RSL, 5068
Kensington Park RSL
346 The Parade
Kent Town (District of Dunstan)
Wesley Uniting Church, 5067
Wesley Uniting Church
27 Grenfell St
(via Fullarton Rd)
Kersbrook (District of Newland)
Kersbrook Primary School, 5231
  Kersbrook Primary School
Bowden St
Keswick (District of Badcoe)
National Servicemen's Association, 5035
National Servicemen's Association
41 Surrey Rd
Keyneton (District of Schubert)
Keyneton Primary School, 5353
Keyneton Primary School
Henschke Rd
(via Moculta Rd)
Kidman Park (District of Colton)
Office for Recreation and Sport, 5025
Office for Recreation and Sport
27 Valetta Rd
Kilburn (District of Enfield)
St Brigid's Parish Hall, 5084
St Brigid's Parish Hall
43-45 Le Hunte St
Kilkenny North (District of Croydon)
Challa Gardens Primary School, 5009
Challa Gardens Primary School
8 Humphries Tce
Kilkenny (District of Cheltenham & Croydon)
Kilkenny Community Hall, 5009
Kilkenny Community Hall
27A Wilpena Tce
Kimba (District of Giles)
Kimba District Council, 5641
Kimba District Council
9 Cross St
Kingscote (District of Mawson)
Kingscote Area School, 5223
Kingscote Area School
5 Centenary Ave
Kingston (District of MacKillop)
Kingston Community School, 5275
Kingston Community School
46 East Tce
Kingswood (District of Waite)
Mitcham Primary School, 5062
Mitcham Primary School
Hillview Rd
Klemzig (District of Torrens)
Klemzig Primary School, 5087
Klemzig Primary School
2 Hay St
(via Hay St)
Kongorong (District of Mount Gambier)
Kongorong Primary School, 5291
Kongorong Primary School
34 School Rd
Kurralta Park (District of Badcoe & West Torrens)
Hayhurst Guide Hall, 5037
Hayhurst Guide Hall
Cnr Daly St & Cross Tce
(via Cross Tce)
Lameroo (District of Hammond)
Lameroo Regional Community School, 5302
Lameroo Regional Community School
1 Bews Tce
(School Community Library)
Langhorne Creek (District of Hammond)
Eastern Fleurieu - Langhorne Creek Campus, 5255
  Eastern Fleurieu - Langhorne Creek Campus
Main Rd
Largs Bay (District of Port Adelaide)
Largs Bay Primary School, 5016
Largs Bay Primary School
215 Fletcher Rd
(via Lincoln St or Centre St gates)
Largs Bay Central (District of Port Adelaide)
St Albans Anglican Church, 5016
St Albans Anglican Church
31 Jetty Rd
Laura (District of Stuart)
Laura Memorial Civic Centre, 5480
Laura Memorial Civic Centre
Cnr Hughes St and West Tce
(via Hughes St)
Leigh Creek (District of Stuart)
Leigh Creek Area School, 5731
Leigh Creek Area School
Cnr Black Oak Dr & Moonah St
Lenswood (District of Morialta)
Lenswood Primary School, 5240
Lenswood Primary School
1554 Lobethal Rd
Northgate (District of Enfield)
Wiltja Secondary College, 5085
Wiltja Secondary College
111-125 Folland Ave
Linden Park (District of Bragg)
Linden Park Primary School, 5065
Linden Park Primary School
14 Hay Rd
Littlehampton (District of Kavel)
Littlehampton Primary School, 5250
Littlehampton Primary School
16-30 Baker St
Lobethal (District of Morialta)
Onkaparinga Senior Citizens Hall, 5241
Onkaparinga Senior Citizens Hall
36 Main St
Lochiel (District of Narungga)
Lochiel Hall, 5510
Lochiel Hall
Cnr Robert & Frances Sts
Lock (District of Flinders)
Lock Area School, 5633
Lock Area School
West Tce
Lockleys (District of Colton)
Christ the King Church, 5032
Christ the King Church
456 Henley Beach Rd
Lockleys North (District of Colton & West Torrens)
Lockleys North Primary School, 5032
Lockleys North Primary School
55 Malurus Ave
Loxton (District of Chaffey)
Loxton Lutheran Peace Hall, 5333
Loxton Lutheran Peace Hall
Bookpurnong Tce
Loxton North (District of Chaffey)
Loxton North Primary School, 5333
Loxton North Primary School
379 Balfour-Ogilvy Rd
Lucindale (District of MacKillop)
Lucindale Area School, 5272
Lucindale Area School
14 Fairview Rd
(Gymnasium via main gate)
Lyndoch (District of Schubert)
Lyndoch Institute, 5351
Lyndoch Institute
29 Barossa Valley Way
Lyrup (District of Chaffey)
Lyrup Community Hall, 5343
Lyrup Community Hall
Wilson Pde
Macclesfield (District of Heysen)
Macclesfield Institute, 5153
Macclesfield Institute
Venables Rd
Magill (District of Bragg & hartley)
Magill Primary School, 5072
  Magill Primary School
11 Adelaide St
(via Magill Rd)
Magill South (District of Bragg & Hartley)
Norwood Morialta High School, 5072
  Norwood Morialta High School
505 The Parade
(Senior Campus Canteen)
Maitland (District of Narungga)
Maitland Area School, 5573
Maitland Area School
Cnr Pioneer & Junction Rds
Mallala (District of Narungga)
Mallala Primary School, 5502
Mallala Primary School
28 Aerodrome Rd
Mannum (District of Hammond)
Mannum Leisure Centre, 5238
Mannum Leisure Centre
51 Adelaide Rd
Manoora (District of Frome)
Manoora Primary School, 5414
Manoora Primary School
3 Weymouth St
Mansfield Park (District of Croydon)
St Patricks School, 5012
St Patricks School
33A Dudley St
Marden (District of Dunstan)
Marden Education Centre, 5070
Marden Education Centre
1-37 Marden Rd
Marino (District of Black)
Marino Community Hall, 5049
Marino Community Hall
44 Newland Ave
Marion (District of Elder & Gibson)
Marion Primary School, 5043
  Marion Primary School
2-22 Malcolm Ave
(via Oakleigh Rd)
Marion South (District of Gibson)
Marion Uniting Church, 5043
Marion Uniting Church
9-11 Township Rd
Marion Bay (District of Narungga)
Marion Bay Community Hall, 5577
Marion Bay Community Hall
10 Slow St
Marrabel (District of Frome)
Marrabel District Hall, 5413
Marrabel District Hall
Main Rd
Maslin Beach (District of Kaurna)
Maslin Beach Community Hall, 5170
Maslin Beach Community Hall
7 Parkway Dr
Mawson Lakes (District of Playford)
Mawson Lakes UNISA Sports Centre, 5095
Mawson Lakes UNISA Sports Centre
Mawson Lakes Blvd
Mawson Lakes North (District of Playford)
Mawson Lakes School, 5095
Mawson Lakes School
12-28 Garden Tce
Maylands (District of Dunstan)
New Life Christian Community Church, 5069
New Life Christian Community Church
17a Augusta St
(via Dover St)
McLaren Flat (District of Mawson)
McLaren Flat Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5171
McLaren Flat Soldiers Memorial Hall
41-47 Main Rd
McLaren Vale (District of Mawson)
McLaren Vale Primary School, 5171
McLaren Vale Primary School
Caffrey St
Meadows (District of Heysen)
Meadows Primary School, 5201
Meadows Primary School
Mawson Rd
Melrose (District of Stuart)
Melrose Primary School, 5483
Melrose Primary School
29 Stuart St
Melrose Park (District of Badcoe & Elder)
Edwardstown Primary School, 5039
  Edwardstown Primary School
125 Edward St
(via Maria St)
Meningie (District of MacKillop)
Meningie Area School, 5264
Meningie Uniting Church Hall
2 Princess Highway
Middleton (District of Finniss)
Middleton Pioneer Hall, 5213
Middleton Pioneer Hall
1 Walker Pl
Milang (District of Hammond)
Eastern Fleurieu School (Milang Campus), 5256
  Eastern Fleurieu School (Milang Campus)
Cnr Coxe & Rivers St
Mile End (District of West Torrens)
St George College, 5031
St George College
73-75 Rose St
(via Taylors Ln)
Millicent (District of MacKillop)
Millicent North Primary School, 5280
Millicent North Primary School
Second St
Millicent South (District of MacKillop)
Newbery Park Primary School, 5280
Newbery Park Primary School
Bridges St
Millswood (District of Unley)
Tabor College, 5034
Tabor College
181 Goodwood Rd
(via Mitchell St to Orphanage carpark)
Minlaton (District of Narungga)
Minlaton Town Hall, 5575
Minlaton Town Hall
Main St
Minnipa (District of Flinders)
Minnipa Memorial Hall, 5654
Minnipa Memorial Hall
24 Thomas St
Mitcham (District of Waite)
Mitcham Village Uniting Church Hall, 5062
Mitcham Village Uniting Church Hall
103 Princes Rd
(via carpark off Smith-Dorien St)
Mitchell Park South (District of Elder)
Suneden Special School, 5043
Suneden Special School
21 McInerney Ave
Mitchell Park (District of Elder)
Hamilton Secondary College, 5043
Hamilton Secondary College
Gate 3 / 815 Marion Rd
(access only via Gate 3)
Moculta (District of Schubert)
Moculta Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5353
Moculta Soldiers Memorial Hall
Cnr Truro & Angaston Rds
Modbury (District of Florey & Newland)
Modbury West Primary School, 5092
Modbury West Primary School
450-474 Wright Rd
Modbury Heights (District of Florey & Wright)
The Heights School, 5092
The Heights School
21-51 Brunel Dr
Modbury North East (District of Florey & Newland)
Modbury Primary School, 5092
Modbury Primary School
2-18 Golden Grove Rd
(via Iliad Gr)
Modbury North (District of Florey)
Modbury North Kindergarten, 5092
Modbury North Kindergarten
12 Burragah Ct
Monash (District of Chaffey)
Monash Hall, 5342
Monash Hall
Cnr Randell Tce & Madison Ave
Montacute (District of Morialta)
Montacute Institute, 5134
  Montacute Institute
63 Institute Rd
Moonta (District of Narungga)
Moonta Town Hall, 5558
Moonta Town Hall
Cnr Henry St & George St
Moorak (District of Mount Gambier)
Moorak Primary School, 5291
Moorak Primary School
171 Yells Rd
Moorook (District of Chaffey)
Moorook Community Hall, 5332
Moorook Community Hall
Kingston Rd
Morgan (District of Chaffey)
Morgan Sporting Complex, 5320
Morgan Sporting Complex
North East Tce
Morphett Vale Central (District of Hurtle Vale & Reynell)
Wirreanda Secondary School, 5162
Wirreanda Secondary School
105 Richards Dr
Morphett Vale South (District of Hurtle Vale)
Coorara Primary School, 5162
Coorara Primary School
51 Taylors Ave
Pimpala (District of Hurtle Vale)
Pimpala Primary School, 5162
Pimpala Primary School
24 Vanstone Ave
Morphett Vale (District of Hurtle Vale & Reynell)
Flaxmill P-7 School, 5162
Flaxmill P-7 School
80 Flaxmill Rd
Morphett Vale North (District of Reynell)
Wakefield House Positive Ageing Centre, 5162
Wakefield House Positive Ageing Centre
65 Acre Ave
Morphett Vale East (District of Hurtle Vale)
Woodcroft College, 5162
Woodcroft College
143-173 Bains Rd
(Primary School Hall)
Morphettville (District of Morphett)
Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre, 5043
Marion Leisure & Fitness Centre
Oaklands Rd
Mount Barker (District of Heysen & Kavel)
Mount Barker High School, 5251
Mount Barker High School
2 Wellington Rd
Mount Barker Central (District of Kavel)
TAFE SA Mount Barker Campus, 5251
TAFE SA Mount Barker Campus
Dumas St
Mount Barker South (District of Kavel)
Mount Barker South Primary School, 5251
Mount Barker South Primary School
33-45 Princes Rd
Mount Burr (District of MacKillop)
Mount Burr Netball Club, 5279
Mount Burr Netball Club
Lot 51 Riddoch Ave
(via Pettman Tce)
Mount Compass (District of Finniss)
Mount Compass Area School Trade Training Centre, 5210
Mount Compass Area School Trade Training Centre
School Rd
Mount Gambier East (District of Mount Gambier)
Melaleuca Park Primary School, 5290
Melaleuca Park Primary School
Boandik Tce
Mount Gambier North (District of Mount Gambier)
Mount Gambier North Primary School, 5290
Mount Gambier North Primary School
Heath St
Mount Gambier Park (District of Mount Gambier)
McDonald Park Primary School, 5290
McDonald Park Primary School
57 North Tce
Mount Gambier West (District of Mount Gambier)
Mount Gambier High School, 5290
Mount Gambier High School
Brownes Rd
Mount Gambier (District of Mount Gambier)
Mount Gambier Christ Church Hall, 5290
Mount Gambier Christ Church Hall
Bay Rd
Mount Pleasant (District of Schubert)
Mount Pleasant Soldier's Memorial Hall, 5235
Mount Pleasant Soldier's Memorial Hall
Melrose St
Mount Torrens (District of Morialta)
Mount Torrens Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5244
Mount Torrens Soldiers Memorial Hall
34 Townsend St
Mundulla (District of MacKillop)
Mundulla Primary School, 5270
Mundulla Primary School
Cnr Hinge & Kennedy Sts
(via Kennedy st)
Munno Para (District of Light & Taylor)
Mark Oliphant College, 5115
Mark Oliphant College
99 Douglas Dr
Munno Para East (District of Light)
Munno Para Primary School, 5115
Munno Para Primary School
Maltarra Rd
Murray Bridge (District of Hammond)
Murray Bridge North Primary School Gym, 5253
  Murray Bridge North Primary School Gym
North Tce
(via Railway Tce)
Murray Bridge South (District of Hammond)
Murray Bridge High School, 5253
Murray Bridge High School
Lohmann St
(Gymnasium via Long Island Rd)
Murray Bridge West (District of Hammond)
Bridge Evangelical Christian Church, 5253
Bridge Evangelical Christian Church
10 Thomas St
Murray Bridge East (District of Hammond)
Murray Bridge Showgrounds, 5253
Murray Bridge Showgrounds
Princes Hwy
(Wanderers Cricket Club Building)
Mylor (District of Heysen)
Mylor Primary School, 5153
Mylor Primary School
220 Strathalbyn Rd
Mypolonga (District of Hammond)
Mypolonga Institute, 5254
Mypolonga Institute
Green St
Myponga (District of Mawson)
Myponga Primary School, 5202
Myponga Primary School
Hutchinson St
(The Shed via Oval Rd Carpark)
Myrtle Bank (District of Unley)
Fullarton Scout Hall, 5064
Fullarton Scout Hall
1A Culross Ave
Nailsworth (District of Adelaide & Enfield)
Nailsworth Primary School, 5083
Nailsworth Primary School
2 Balfour St
Nairne (District of Kavel)
Nairne Primary School, 5252
Nairne Primary School
5 Saleyard Rd
Nangwarry (District of MacKillop)
Nangwarry Primary School, 5277
  Nangwarry Primary School
Whitford Cres
Napperby (District of Frome)
Napperby Primary School, 5540
Napperby Primary School
Oaks Rd
Naracoorte (District of MacKillop)
Naracoorte Town Hall, 5271
Naracoorte Town Hall
95 Smith St
Naracoorte South (District of MacKillop)
Naracoorte South Primary School, 5271
Naracoorte South Primary School
Cedar Ave
Netherby (District of Waite)
Urrbrae Agricultural High School, 5062
Urrbrae Agricultural High School
505 Fullarton Rd
Netley (District of Badcoe & West Torrens)
Netley Kindergarten, 5037
  Netley Kindergarten
18 Comet Ave
Newton (District of Hartley)
St Francis of Assisi School, 5074
St Francis of Assisi School
57 Newton Rd
Nildottie (District of Hammond)
Nildottie Lutheran Church Hall, 5238
Nildottie Lutheran Church Hall
4103 Hunter Rd
Noarlunga Downs (District of Kaurna)
Noarlunga Downs Primary School, 5168
Noarlunga Downs Primary School
Canterbury Cres
North Adelaide East (District of Adelaide)
St Cyprian's Anglican Church, 5006
St Cyprian's Anglican Church
70 Melbourne St
North Adelaide (District of Adelaide)
North Adelaide Primary School, 5006
North Adelaide Primary School
62-80 Tynte St
North Brighton (District of Gibson)
Paringa Park Primary School, 5048
Paringa Park Primary School
21 Bowker St
North Brighton West (District of Gibson)
Brighton Secondary School, 5048
Brighton Secondary School
305 Brighton Rd
(via King George Ave)
North Haven (District of Port Adelaide)
North Haven Primary School, 5018
North Haven Primary School
15 Tapping Cres
(via Sir Claude Gibb St)
North Shields (District of Flinders)
North Shields Community Hall, 5607
North Shields Community Hall
25 Dorward St
Northfield (District of Enfield)
Northfield Primary School, 5085
Northfield Primary School
North Ave
Norton Summit (District of Morialta)
Norton Summit Primary School, 5136
Norton Summit Primary School
15 Crescent Dr
Norwood (District of Bragg & Dunstan)
Salvation Army, 5067
  Salvation Army
53 George St
Norwood West (District of Dunstan)
Norwood Primary School, 5067
Norwood Primary School
37 Osmond Tce
Novar Gardens (District of Morphett)
Immanuel Primary School, 5040
Immanuel Primary School
24 Morphett Rd
Nuriootpa (District of Schubert)
Nuriootpa High School, 5355
Nuriootpa High School
Penrice Rd
Oakbank (District of Kavel)
Oakbank Area School, 5243
Oakbank Area School
154 Onkaparinga Valley Rd
Oakden (District of Torrens)
Salvation Army Oakden, 5086
Salvation Army Oakden
166 Fosters Rd
(via Sir Ross Smith Blv)
Oaklands Park (District of Gibson)
St Elizabeth Of Hungary Anglican Church, 5046
St Elizabeth Of Hungary Anglican Church
12 Dwyer Rd
Old Noarlunga (District of Kaurna)
Old Noarlunga Primary School, 5168
Old Noarlunga Primary School
23 Malpas St
(via Patapinda Rd)
Old Reynella (District of Hurtle Vale & Reynell)
Reynella Primary School, 5161
Reynella Primary School
55-63 Concord Dr
One Tree Hill (District of King)
One Tree Hill Primary School, 5114
One Tree Hill Primary School
McGilp Rd
Orroroo (District of Stuart)
Orroroo Town Hall, 5431
Orroroo Town Hall
17 Second St
O'Sullivan Beach (District of Reynell)
O'Sullivan Beach Primary School, 5166
O'Sullivan Beach Primary School
51 Galloway Rd
Ottoway (District of Port Adelaide)
Junction Community Centre, 5013
Junction Community Centre
2A May Tce
Owen (District of Frome)
Owen Primary School, 5460
Owen Primary School
23 Second St
Padthaway (District of MacKillop)
Padthaway Primary School, 5271
Padthaway Primary School
Vogelsang Rd
Palmer (District of Hammond)
Collier Park Community Association, 5237
Collier Park Community Association
Randell St
(Located at Oval Complex)
Para Hills East (District of Florey, Playford & Wright)
East Para Primary School, 5096
East Para Primary School
12 Caroona Ave
Para Hills West (District of Playford)
Para Hills West Primary School, 5096
Para Hills West Primary School
21 Balkara Rd
Para Vista (District of Florey)
Valley View Secondary School, 5093
Valley View Secondary School
240 Wright Rd
Paracombe (District of Newland)
Paracombe Hall, 5132
Assisted Paracombe Hall,
Paracombe Rd
Paradise (District of Hartley)
Charles Campbell College, 5075
Charles Campbell College
3 Campbell Rd
Paradise East (District of Hartley)
Paradise Primary School, 5075
Paradise Primary School
100 George St
Parafield Gardens (District of Playford)
Karrendi Primary School, 5107
Karrendi Primary School
15 Bradman Rd
(via Blackie St)
Parafield Gardens Central (District of Playford & Ramsay)
Parafield Gardens R-7 School, 5107
Parafield Gardens R-7 School
23 Shepherdson Rd
Parafield Gardens North-West (District of Playford & Ramsay)
The Pines Primary School, 5107
  The Pines Primary School
42 Andrew Smith Dr
(via Hemmings St)
Paralowie (District of Ramsay & Taylor)
Paralowie R-12 School, 5108
Paralowie R-12 School
168-186 Whites Rd
(Activity Hall via Halba Cres or Careena Ave)
Paralowie West (District of Ramsay & Taylor)
Settlers Farm Campus, 5108
Settlers Farm Campus
23 Barassi St
Paralowie South (District of Ramsay)
Bethany Christian School, 5108
Bethany Christian School
37 Countess St
Parawa (District of Mawson)
Parawa Recreation Centre, 5203
Parawa Recreation Centre
1541 Range Rd
Paringa (District of Chaffey)
Paringa Murtho War Memorial Hall, 5340
Paringa Murtho War Memorial Hall
21 Hughes Ave
Park Holme (District of Morphett)
Springpark Baptist Church, 5043
Springpark Baptist Church
80 Hendrie St
(via Condada Ave)
Park Holme South (District of Badcoe & Morphett)
Ascot Park Primary School, 5043
  Ascot Park Primary School
1-37 Pildappa Ave
Parkside (District of Unley)
Parkside Primary School, 5063
Parkside Primary School
12 Robsart St
Parndana (District of Mawson)
Parndana Community Centre, 5220
Parndana Community Centre
8B Jubilee Ave
Pasadena (District of Elder)
Pasadena High School, 5042
Pasadena High School
241-277 Daws Rd
Paskeville (District of Narungga)
Paskeville Community Centre, 5552
Paskeville Community Centre
Railway Tce
Penneshaw (District of Mawson)
Kangaroo Island Community Education (Penneshaw Campus), 5222
Kangaroo Island Community Education (Penneshaw Campus)
Howard Dr
Pennington (District of Cheltenham)
Pennington School R-7, 5013
Pennington School R-7
Butler Ave
(via Torrens Cres, no access from Butler Ave)
Penola (District of MacKillop)
Penola Primary School, 5277
Penola Primary School
Riddoch St
Peterborough (District of Stuart)
Peterborough Town Hall, 5422
Peterborough Town Hall
108 Main St
Piccadilly (District of Heysen & Kavel)
Piccadilly Community Hall, 5151
Piccadilly Community Hall
171 Piccadilly Rd
Pine Point (District of Narungga)
Pine Point Institute, 5571
Pine Point Institute
50 Main Coast Rd
Pinnaroo (District of Hammond)
Pinnaroo Primary School, 5304
Pinnaroo Primary School
21 Bundey Tce
(School Community Library)
Plympton (District of Badcoe & Morphett)
Plympton Primary School, 5038
  Plympton Primary School
19 Owen St
(via Keily St)
Plympton West (District of Morphett & Badcoe)
Plympton International College, 5038
Plympton International College
21A Errington St
Plympton Park (District of Morphett)
Plympton RSL Hall, 5038
Plympton RSL Hall
464 Marion Rd
Point Pass (District of Stuart)
Point Pass District Hall, 5374
Point Pass District Hall
15 Main St
Ponde (District of Hammond)
Ponde Hall, 5238
Ponde Hall
443 Dabinett Rd
Poochera (District of Flinders)
Poochera Community District Hall, 5655
Poochera Community District Hall
27 Main St
Pooraka (District of Florey)
Pooraka Primary School, 5095
Pooraka Primary School
11 South Tce
Pooraka North (District of Florey)
Pooraka Farm Community Centre Inc, 5095
Pooraka Farm Community Centre Inc
126 Henderson Ave
Port Adelaide (District of Port Adelaide)
TAFE SA Port Adelaide Campus, 5015
TAFE SA Port Adelaide Campus
1 Mundy St
(via carpark on Nile St)
Port Augusta Central (District of Stuart)
TAFE SA Port Augusta Campus, 5700
TAFE SA Port Augusta Campus
9-39 Carlton Pde
(Student Lounge)
Port Augusta (District of Stuart)
Commercial Premises, 5700
Commercial Premises
75A Commercial Rd
Willsden (District of Stuart)
Willsden Primary School, 5700
Willsden Primary School
Cnr Elizabeth Tce & Roberts Cres
Port Augusta West (District of Stuart)
Flinders View Primary School, 5700
Flinders View Primary School
54 Chinnery St
Port Broughton (District of Narungga)
Port Broughton Community Hall, 5522
Port Broughton Community Hall
McKay St
Port Clinton (District of Narungga)
Port Clinton Progress Hall, 5570
Port Clinton Progress Hall
Cnr Emeu St & Cumberland Rd
Port Elliot (District of Finniss)
Port Elliot Primary School, 5212
Port Elliot Primary School
4 Cameron St
Port Germein (District of Stuart)
Port Germein District Hall, 5495
Port Germein District Hall
High St
Port Kenny (District of Flinders)
Port Kenny & District Sports Centre, 5671
Port Kenny & District Sports Centre
Flinders Hwy
Kirton Point (District of Flinders)
Kirton Point Primary School, 5606
Kirton Point Primary School
47 Matthew Pl
Port Lincoln Central (District of Flinders)
Port Lincoln Lutheran Church Hall, 5606
Port Lincoln Lutheran Church Hall
23 Flinders Hwy
Port Lincoln South (District of Flinders)
Lincoln Gardens Primary School, 5606
Lincoln Gardens Primary School
14 Barley Rd
Port Lincoln (District of Flinders)
Port Lincoln Primary School, 5606
Port Lincoln Primary School
Lincoln Pl
Port MacDonnell (District of Mount Gambier)
Port MacDonnell Senior Citizens Club, 5291
Port MacDonnell Senior Citizens Club
Elizabeth St
Port Neill (District of Flinders)
Port Neill War Memorial Hall, 5604
Port Neill War Memorial Hall
41 Wallis St
Port Noarlunga (District of Kaurna & Reynell)
The Arts Centre, 5167
The Arts Centre
22 Gawler St
Port Noarlunga South (District of Kaurna)
Seaford K-7 School, 5167
  Seaford K-7 School
39 Jane St
Port Pirie (District of Frome)
TAFE SA Port Pirie Campus, 5540
TAFE SA Port Pirie Campus
35 Mary Elie St
Port Pirie South (District of Frome)
Risdon Park Primary School, 5540
Risdon Park Primary School
28 Kingston Rd
Port Victoria (District of Narungga)
Port Victoria Institute, 5573
Port Victoria Institute
16 Main St
Port Vincent (District of Narungga)
Senior Citizen's Club, 5581
Senior Citizen's Club
Main St
Port Wakefield (District of Narungga)
Port Wakefield Soldier’s Memorial Hall, 5550
Port Wakefield Soldier’s Memorial Hall
Edward St
Prospect (District of Adelaide & Enfield)
Prospect Primary School, 5082
Prospect Primary School
27 Gladstone Rd
(via Olive St & Braund Rd)
Prospect North (District of Adelaide & Enfield)
Prospect North Primary School, 5082
Prospect North Primary School
30 Stuart Rd
(Gymnasium via Arthur St)
Prospect South (District of Adelaide)
Blackfriars Priory Early Learning Centre Gymnasium, 5082
Blackfriars Priory Early Learning Centre Gymnasium
26 Highbury St
Prospect Hill (District of Heysen)
Prospect Hill War Memorial Hall, 5201
Prospect Hill War Memorial Hall
Cnr Morris & Harvey Rds
Purnong (District of Hammond)
Purnong District Hall, 5238
Purnong District Hall
3214 Purnong Rd
Queenstown (District of Cheltenham)
Alberton Primary School, 5014
Alberton Primary School
Spring St
Quorn (District of Giles)
Quorn Town Hall, 5433
Quorn Town Hall
Railway Tce
Ramco (District of Chaffey)
Ramco Community Hall, 5322
Ramco Community Hall
421 Ramco Rd
Redhill (District of Frome)
Redhill Community Centre, 5521
Redhill Community Centre
6 Moorhouse St
Redwood Park (District of Newland & Wright)
Redwood Park Primary School, 5097
Redwood Park Primary School
2-10 Lokan St
Regency Park (District of Croydon)
Novita Children's Services, 5010
Novita Children's Services
171 Days Rd
Rendelsham (District of MacKillop)
Rendelsham Community Hall, 5280
Rendelsham Community Hall
Cnr Nilsson St and Julia Moore St
Renmark (District of Chaffey)
Renmark Council Chambers, 5341
Renmark Council Chambers
61 Eighteenth St
Renmark North (District of Chaffey)
Renmark North Primary School, 5341
Renmark North Primary School
65 Warrego St
Renmark West (District of Chaffey)
Renmark West Primary School, 5341
Renmark West Primary School
327 Tarcoola St
Renown Park (District of Croydon)
Brompton Primary School, 5008
  Brompton Primary School
11 Napier St
Reynella (District of Hurtle Vale & Reynell)
Reynella South Primary School, 5161
Reynella South Primary School
119-135 Sherrifs Rd
Reynella East (District of Hurtle Vale)
Reynella East College, 5161
Reynella East College
63 Malbeck Dr
(Gates 3,4 and 5 from Malbeck Dr)
Richmond (District of West Torrens)
Tenison Woods Catholic School, 5033
Tenison Woods Catholic School
68 Brooker Tce
(via Bickford St)
Ridgehaven (District of Newland & Wright)
Ridgehaven Primary School, 5097
Ridgehaven Primary School
479 Milne Rd
Risdon Park (District of Frome)
Lighthouse Uniting Church, 5540
Lighthouse Uniting Church
390 The Terrace
Risdon Park South (District of Frome)
Baptist Church Hall, 5540
Baptist Church Hall
44 Hannan St
Riverton (District of Frome)
Riverton Primary School, 5412
Riverton Primary School
21 Swinden St
Robe (District of MacKillop)
Robe Primary School, 5276
Robe Primary School
Union Street
Robertstown (District of Stuart)
Robertstown Peace Hall, 5381
Robertstown Peace Hall
32 Commercial St
Rose Park (District of Bragg & Dunstan)
Rose Park Primary School, 5067
  Rose Park Primary School
54 Alexandra Ave
Rosewater (District of Cheltenham & Port Adelaide)
Mount Carmel College, 5013
Mount Carmel College
33 Newcastle St
Roseworthy (District of Schubert)
Roseworthy Soldiers Memorial Hall, 5371
Roseworthy Soldiers Memorial Hall
4 Wright St
Rostrevor (District of Morialta)
Stradbroke Primary School, 5073
Stradbroke Primary School
73 Koonga Ave
Rostrevor South (District of Hartley & Morialta)
Norwood Morialta Middle School, 5073
  Norwood Morialta Middle School
Morialta Rd West
(via Moules Rd)
Roxby Downs (District of Giles)
Roxby Downs Christian Community Church, 5725
Roxby Downs Christian Community Church
Cnr Burgoyne St & Tutop St
Royal Park (District of Cheltenham & Lee)
United Church Royal Park, 5014
United Church Royal Park
50 Tapleys Hill Rd
Royal Park South (District of Lee)
Hendon Primary School, 5014
Hendon Primary School
Cedar Ave
Saddleworth (District of Frome)
Saddleworth Primary School, 5413
  Saddleworth Primary School
7 Saddle Rd
Salisbury (District of Ramsay)
Salisbury Primary School, 5108
Salisbury Primary School
10 Compuda St
(Gymnasium via Harvey Ave)
Salisbury Central (District of Ramsay)
TAFE SA Salisbury Campus, 5108
TAFE SA Salisbury Campus
16 Wiltshire St
Salisbury Downs (District of Ramsay)
Salisbury Downs Primary School, 5108
Salisbury Downs Primary School
39 Paramount Rd
Salisbury East South (District of Wright)
Keller Road Primary School, 5109
  Keller Road Primary School
23-33 Melville Rd
Salisbury East (District of Wright)
Madison Park School, 5109
Madison Park School
19 Lincoln Ave
Salisbury East North (District of King)
Tyndale Christian School, 5109
Tyndale Christian School
50 Fern Grove Blvd
(via London Dr)
Salisbury Heights (District of King)
Salisbury Heights Primary School, 5109
Salisbury Heights Primary School
9 Ward St
Salisbury North (District of Ramsay & Taylor)
Salisbury North R-7 School, 5108
Salisbury North R-7 School
38 Bagster Rd
Lake Windemere (District of Ramsay & Taylor)
Lake Windemere B-7 School, 5108
  Lake Windemere B-7 School
17 Uraidla Ave
Salisbury Park (District of King & Ramsey)
Salisbury Park Primary School, 5109
Salisbury Park Primary School
66 Goddard Dr
(via Wildwood Dr)
Sandy Creek (District of Schubert)
Sandy Creek Primary School, 5350
Sandy Creek Primary School
Davies Rd
Seacliff (District of Gibson & Black)
Seacliff Uniting Church, 5049
Seacliff Uniting Church
7 Wheatland St
Seacombe Heights (District of Black & Gibson)
Seaview High School, 5047
Seaview High School
78-124 Seacombe Rd
Seaford (District of Kaurna)
Moana Primary School, 5169
Moana Primary School
52 Schooner Rd
Seaford East (District of Kaurna)
All Saints Catholic Primary School, 5169
All Saints Catholic Primary School
621 Grand Blvd
Seaford Rise (District of Kaurna)
Seaford Rise Primary School, 5169
Seaford Rise Primary School
Grand Blvd
(via Barbados Dr)
Seaton Park (District of Cheltenham & Lee)
Seaton Park Primary School, 5023
Seaton Park Primary School
80 Balcombe Ave
Seaton West (District of Lee)
Christian Family Centre, 5023
Christian Family Centre
185 Frederick Rd
Seaton (District of Lee)
Seaton High School, 5023
Seaton High School
67-91 Glenburnie St
Seaview Downs (District of Black)
Seaview Downs Primary School, 5049
Seaview Downs Primary School
26-44 Ross St
Second Valley (District of Mawson)
Second Valley Soldiers Memorial Institute, 5204
Second Valley Soldiers Memorial Institute
Cnr Main South Rd & Finniss Vale Dr
Sedan (District of Chaffey)
Sedan Hall, 5353
Sedan Hall
Stott Highway
Sellicks Beach (District of Mawson)
Sellicks Beach Community Hall, 5174
  Sellicks Beach Community Hall
Riviera Rd
Semaphore (District of Port Adelaide)
Masonic Hall, 5019
  Masonic Hall
66 Semaphore Rd
Semaphore Park (District of Lee)
Baptist Church Semaphore Park, 5019
Baptist Church Semaphore Park
22 Bray Ave
Semaphore Park South (District of Lee)
Westport Primary School, 5019
Westport Primary School
53 West St
Semaphore South (District of Port Adelaide)
Le Fevre High School, 5019
Le Fevre High School
90 Hart St
Sheidow Park (District of Black)
Sheidow Park Primary School, 5158
Sheidow Park Primary School
21-43 Adams Rd
Sheidow Park South (District of Black)
Woodend Primary School, 5158
Woodend Primary School
10-22 Edward Beck Dr
Smithfield (District of Taylor)
ECH Residential Care Centre, 5114
ECH Residential Care Centre
1a Warooka Dr
Smithfield Plains (District of Light & Taylor)
John Hartley School, 5114
  John Hartley School
199 Peachey Rd
Smoky Bay (District of Flinders)
Smoky Bay CFS Station, 5680
Smoky Bay CFS Station
1 Tremaine St
Snowtown (District of Narungga)
Snowtown Memorial Hall, 5520
Snowtown Memorial Hall
22 Railway Tce
Solomontown (District of Frome)
Solomontown Primary School, 5540
Solomontown Primary School
79 Three Chain Rd
Somerton Park (District of Morphett)
Stockland Retirement Village, 5044
Stockland Retirement Village
91 Diagonal Rd
South Brighton (District of Gibson)
South Brighton Community Hall, 5048
South Brighton Community Hall
Dover Sq
South Plympton (District of Badcoe & Morphett)
Forbes Primary School, 5038
Forbes Primary School
80 Thomas St
South Plympton North (District of Badcoe)
Plympton South Kindergarten, 5038
Plympton South Kindergarten
13 Yapinga St
Southend (District of MacKillop)
Southend Community Club, 5280
Southend Community Club
Eliza St
Spalding (District of Stuart)
Spalding Town Hall, 5454
Spalding Town Hall
Main St
Springton (District of Schubert)
Springton Public Hall, 5235
Springton Public Hall
Graetz Tce
St Agnes West (District of Newland)
Ardtornish Primary School, 5097
Ardtornish Primary School
2 Saarinen Ave
St Agnes (District of Newland)
St Agnes Primary School, 5097
St Agnes Primary School
250 Smart Rd
St Marys (District of Elder)
St Bernadette's Parish Hall, 5042
St Bernadette's Parish Hall
1263 South Rd
(via Walsh Ave)
St Morris (District of Dunstan)
Adelaide Korean Church Hall, 5068
Adelaide Korean Church Hall
40 Third Ave
(via Gardiner Ave)
St Peters (District of Dunstan)
Spicer Uniting Church, 5069
Spicer Uniting Church
44a Fourth Ave
St Peters East (District of Dunstan)
East Adelaide Primary School, 5069
East Adelaide Primary School
57-59 Second Ave
Stansbury (District of Narungga)
Stansbury Institute, 5582
Stansbury Institute
Weaver St
Stirling (District of Heysen)
Stirling East Primary School, 5152
Stirling East Primary School
51 Braeside Rd
Stirling West (District of Heysen & Waite)
St Catherine's School, 5152
St Catherine's School
22 Ayers Hill Rd
Stirling North (District of Stuart)
Stirling North Primary School, 5710
Stirling North Primary School
Beckman St
Stockwell (District of Schubert)
Stockwell Hall, 5355
Stockwell Hall
Duckponds Rd
Strathalbyn (District of Heysen)
Strathalbyn Town Hall, 5255
Strathalbyn Town Hall
High St
Streaky Bay (District of Flinders)
Streaky Bay RSL, 5680
Streaky Bay RSL
21 Bay Rd
Sturt (District of Gibson)
Marion Council Chambers, 5047
Marion Council Chambers
245 Sturt Rd
Summertown (District of Morialta)
Summertown Uniting Church Hall, 5141
Summertown Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Greenhill & Bonython Rds
(via Bonython Rd)
Surrey Downs (District of Newland & Wright)
Surrey Downs Primary School, 5126
  Surrey Downs Primary School
16-24 Vine St
(via Pringle Ave)
Compton (District of Mount Gambier)
Compton Primary School, 5291
Compton Primary School
13 Compton Hall Rd
(School Library)
Suttontown (District of Mount Gambier)
Suttontown Primary School, 5291
Suttontown Primary School
Pine Hall Ave
Swan Reach (District of Chaffey)
Swan Reach Area School, 5354
Swan Reach Area School
8 Showground Rd
Tailem Bend (District of Hammond)
Tailem Bend Primary School, 5260
Tailem Bend Primary School
1 Murray St
Tantanoola (District of MacKillop)
Tantanoola Primary School, 5280
Tantanoola Primary School
Randall St
Tanunda (District of Schubert)
Tanunda Primary School, 5352
Tanunda Primary School
Research Rd
Taperoo (District of Port Adelaide)
Ocean View College, 5017
Ocean View College
49 Gedville Rd
Taperoo East (District of Port Adelaide)
Our Lady of Visitation, 5017
Our Lady of Visitation
433 Victoria Rd
Tarlee (District of Frome)
Tarlee Primary School, 5411
Tarlee Primary School
38-42 Craig St
Tarpeena (District of Mount Gambier)
Tarpeena Community Hall, 5277
Tarpeena Community Hall
Riddoch Hwy
Tea Tree Gully (District of Newland)
Tea Tree Gully Primary School, 5091
Tea Tree Gully Primary School
11/13 Neale St
Terowie (District of Stuart)
Terowie Institute, 5421
Terowie Institute
Cnr Main & Besanko Sts
Tintinara (District of MacKillop)
Tintinara Memorial Hall, 5266
Tintinara Memorial Hall
39-51 Becker Tce
Torrensville (District of West Torrens)
Thebarton Senior College, 5031
Thebarton Senior College
40 Ashley St
Tranmere South (District of Bragg & Hartley)
St Joseph's School, 5073
  St Joseph's School
1 Birkinshaw Ave
Tranmere (District of Hartley)
Brookside Cellars Hall, 5073
  Brookside Cellars Hall
17 Moore St
Trinity Gardens (District of Dunstan)
Trinity Gardens School, 5068
Trinity Gardens School
160 Portrush Rd
Truro (District of Stuart)
Truro Town Hall, 5356
Truro Town Hall
Moorundie St
Tumby Bay (District of Flinders)
Tumby Bay Senior Citizens Clubrooms, 5605
Tumby Bay Senior Citizens Clubrooms
11 Tumby Tce
Tusmore (District of Bragg)
Burnside City Uniting Church, 5065
Burnside City Uniting Church
384 Portrush Rd
Two Wells (District of Schubert & Taylor)
Two Wells Primary School, 5501
  Two Wells Primary School
17 Gawler Rd
Ungarra (District of Flinders)
Ungarra Primary School, 5607
Ungarra Primary School
Ashman Tce
Unley South (District of Unley)
Unley Primary School, 5061
Unley Primary School
222 Wattle St
(via Rugby St)
Unley (District of Unley)
Unley Town Hall, 5061
Unley Town Hall
181 Unley Rd
(via Oxford Tce)
Unley Park (District of Unley)
Unley Park Baptist Church, 5061
Unley Park Baptist Church
1 Northgate St
Upper Sturt (District of Heysen)
Upper Sturt Primary School, 5156
Upper Sturt Primary School
118 Upper Sturt Rd
Uraidla (District of Morialta)
Uraidla Primary School, 5142
Uraidla Primary School
17 Kidney St
Vale Park (District of Torrens)
Vale Park Primary School, 5081
Vale Park Primary School
40-56 Ascot Ave
Valley View (District of Florey)
Valley View Kindergarten, 5093
Valley View Kindergarten
2 Geoffrey Ave
Victor Harbor (District of Finniss)
Victor Harbor Town Hall, 5211
Victor Harbor Town Hall
12 Coral St
Victor Harbor East (District of Finniss)
Encounter Lutheran College - Kondole Centre, 5211
Encounter Lutheran College - Kondole Centre
64 Adelaide Rd
Victor Harbor South (District of Finniss)
Victor Harbor Recreation Centre, 5211
Victor Harbor Recreation Centre
5 George Main Rd
Virginia (District of Taylor)
Virginia Community Centre, 5120
Virginia Community Centre
Old Port Wakefield Rd
(via Park Rd)
Waikerie (District of Chaffey)
Waikerie Lutheran Social Centre, 5330
Waikerie Lutheran Social Centre
4 Cates Avenue
Walker Flat (District of Hammond)
Walker Flat Community Hall, 5238
Walker Flat Community Hall
142 Mallee Rd
Walkerville North (District of Adelaide)
St Monica's Parish School, 5081
St Monica's Parish School
92 North East Rd
Walkerville (District of Adelaide)
Walkerville Primary School, 5081
Walkerville Primary School
159 Stephen Tce
Walkley Heights (District of Florey)
Walkley Heights Child Care Centre, 5098
Walkley Heights Child Care Centre
1-5 Homestead Ave
Wallaroo (District of Narungga)
Wallaroo Primary School, 5556
Wallaroo Primary School
Hughes St
Wallaroo Mines (District of Narungga)
Wallaroo Mines Primary School, 5554
Wallaroo Mines Primary School
Lipson Ave
Wangary (District of Flinders)
Lake Wangary Primary School, 5607
Lake Wangary Primary School
Third St
Warooka (District of Narungga)
Warooka Town Hall, 5577
Warooka Town Hall
Player St
Warradale (District of Gibson)
Warradale Primary School, 5046
Warradale Primary School
2-16 Keynes Ave
Warramboo (District of Flinders)
Warramboo Hall, 5650
Warramboo Hall
Barns St
Wasleys (District of Schubert)
Wasleys Community Hall, 5400
Wasleys Community Hall
Annie Tce
Watervale (District of Frome)
Watervale Primary School, 5452
Watervale Primary School
27 Main North Rd
(via Commercial Rd)
Wattle Park (District of Bragg)
Wattle Park Kindergarten, 5066
Wattle Park Kindergarten
2a Yeltana Ave
Wayville (District of Unley)
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church, 5034
Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church
23 Rose Tce
Wellington (District of Hammond)
Wellington Community Hall, 5259
Wellington Community Hall
Jervois Rd
West Beach (District of Colton)
West Beach Primary School, 5024
West Beach Primary School
3 Woodhead St
West Croydon (District of Croydon)
West Croydon United Church, 5008
West Croydon United Church
40 Rosetta St
West Hindmarsh (District of Croydon & West Torrens)
St Joseph's School, 5007
St Joseph's School
56 Albemarle St
West Lakes Shore (District of Lee)
West Lakes Shore School, 5020
West Lakes Shore School
Edwin St
Westbourne Park (District of Elder)
Westbourne Park Primary School, 5041
Westbourne Park Primary School
2 Marlborough Rd
Western Flat (District of MacKillop)
Western Flat Hall, 5268
Western Flat Hall
Bordertown-Naracoorte Rd
Whyalla Central East (District of Giles)
Whyalla Town Primary School, 5600
Whyalla Town Primary School
3-9 Walls St
Whyalla Central West (District of Giles)
Memorial Oval Primary School, 5600
Memorial Oval Primary School
Cnr Bradford & Lockhart Sts
Whyalla Norrie East (District of Giles)
Nicolson Ave Primary School, 5608
Nicolson Ave Primary School
Cnr Nicolson & Norrie Ave
(via carpark on Norrie Ave)
Whyalla Norrie North (District of Giles)
Hincks Ave Primary School, 5608
Hincks Ave Primary School
Cnr Hincks & Schulze Ave
(via Schulz Ave)
Whyalla Norrie North-West (District of Giles)
Fisk St Primary School, 5608
Fisk St Primary School
Pattinson Cl
Whyalla Norrie South (District of Giles)
Long St Primary School, 5608
Long St Primary School
Cnr Eyre Ave & Long St
Whyalla Stuart West (District of Giles)
Stuart High School, 5608
Stuart High School
Cnr Bastyan Cres & Bailey St
Willalooka (District of MacKillop)
Willalooka Hall, 5267
Willalooka Hall
Riddoch Hwy
Willaston (District of Light)
1st Gawler Scout Hall, 5118
1st Gawler Scout Hall
Holmes St
Williamstown (District of Schubert)
Williamstown Primary School, 5351
Williamstown Primary School
15 Margaret St
(via Queen St)
Willunga (District of Mawson)
Willunga Recreation Park (Show Hall), 5172
Willunga Recreation Park (Show Hall)
7 Main Rd
Wilmington (District of Stuart)
Wilmington CWA Rooms, 5485
Wilmington CWA Rooms
22 Horrocks Hwy
Windsor Gardens East (District of Torrens)
Avenues College, 5087
Avenues College
20-28 McKay Ave
Windsor Gardens West (District of Torrens)
St Pius X School, 5087
St Pius X School
8 Windsor Gr
Winkie (District of Chaffey)
Croation Association Hall, 5343
Croation Association Hall
41 Bullpit Rd
Wirrabara (District of Stuart)
Wirrabara Institute Hall, 5481
Wirrabara Institute Hall
35 High St
Wirrulla (District of Flinders)
Wirrula Memorial Hall, 5661
Wirrula Memorial Hall
Chapman Tce
Wolseley (District of MacKillop)
Wolseley Community Club, 5269
Wolseley Community Club
Railway Tce N
Woodchester (District of Heysen)
Richardson Hall, 5255
Richardson Hall
1372 Callington Rd
Woodcroft (District of Hurtle Vale)
Woodcroft Primary School, 5162
Woodcroft Primary School
1-23 Investigator Dr
Woods Point (District of Hammond)
Woods Point Community Hall, 5254
  Woods Point Community Hall
Baily St
Woodside (District of Kavel)
Woodside Primary School, 5244
Woodside Primary School
23 Moffett St
(via William St)
Woodville (District of Cheltenham)
James A Nelson Hall (SCOSA), 5011
James A Nelson Hall (SCOSA)
100 Woodville Rd
Woodville Gardens (District of Cheltenham & Croydon)
Woodville Gardens School B-7, 5012
Woodville Gardens School B-7
18 Ridley Gr
Woodville South (District of Cheltenham)
Adelaide Miethke Kindergarten, 5011
Adelaide Miethke Kindergarten
15 Oval Ave
Woodville West (District of Cheltenham & Lee)
Guide Hall Woodville West, Smith Reserve, 5011
  Guide Hall Woodville West, Smith Reserve
Galwer St
(via Albany St)
Woomera (District of Giles)
Woomera Community Centre, 5720
Woomera Community Centre
Bundilla Cres
Wudinna (District of Flinders)
Wudinna Senior Citizen Hall, 5652
Wudinna Senior Citizen Hall
Naylor Tce
Wynn Vale (District of Wright)
Wynn Vale R-7 School, 5127
Wynn Vale R-7 School
17-19 Sunnybrook Dr
Wynn Vale West (District of Wright)
Keithcot Farm Children's Centre, 5127
Keithcot Farm Children's Centre
5 Keithcot Farm Dr
Yacka (District of Frome)
Yacka Hall, 5470
Yacka Hall
Cnr Charles & Hawker Sts
Yahl (District of Mount Gambier)
Yahl Hall, 5291
Yahl Hall
29 Yahl Hall Rd
Yankalilla (District of Mawson)
Yankalilla Area School Jubilee Hall, 5203
Yankalilla Area School Jubilee Hall
207 Main South Rd
Yorketown (District of Narungga)
Yorketown Area School, 5576
Yorketown Area School
Stansbury Rd
Yundi (District of Heysen)
Yundi War Memorial Hall, 5172
Yundi War Memorial Hall
482 Yundi Rd

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