David Gully

Deputy Electoral Commissioner David Gully is a white male with glasses, in his mid to late fifties, and is wearing a black suit and tie and a white shirt. He is standing beside a cabinet housing an aboriginal dot painting and other historical electoral items.

David Gully is the Deputy Electoral Commissioner for South Australia and was appointed by the Governor on 16 August 1998.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy, he held the position of Manager, Information and Technology with the then State Electoral Office – now Electoral Commission of South Australia. This appointment followed 12 years’ experience in Information Technologies (IT) and systems development within the South Australian Public Sector, including three years on the development and administration of the State based electoral roll management system, after a private sector career in customer service roles.

Mr Gully's public sector IT experience includes complex systems development and project management roles in election administration, fleet management, investment and financial management, corporate reporting and the implementation of geographic information systems. Mr Gully has a strong commitment to improving service delivery through innovation and process change.

Since appointment to the role of Deputy, Mr Gully has on occasions acted in the role of Electoral Commissioner for extended periods and represented the Commission on the Electoral Council of Australia and New Zealand (ECANZ).

Mr Gully served as one of the Commissioners on the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission for the 2016 redistribution deliberations, having previously acted as the Research Officer during the redistribution of boundaries for the State’s 47 House of Assembly electoral districts in 1998, 2003, 2007 and 2012.