Register of political parties

Name of Registered Political Party Date of Registration Abbreviation of Party Name Party Contested General Election
2010 2014
Australian Labor Party (South Australian Branch) 17/10/1985 Australian Labor Party Yes Yes
Country Labor Party 25/11/1999 Country Labor Yes No
Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division) 17/10/1985 Liberal Party Yes Yes
National Party of Australia (SA) Inc 17/10/1985 The Nationals Yes Yes
Australian Greens SA 13/02/1996 The Greens Yes Yes
Dignity Party Inc 19/11/2009 DIG Yes Yes
Liberal Democratic Party 31/05/2011 Liberal Democrats n/a Yes
Stop Population Growth Now Party 11/04/2013 Stop Population Growth Now n/a Yes
Danig Party of Australia (SA Division) 07/05/2015   n/a n/a
Animal Justice Party 24/11/2016   n/a n/a
Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST Inc 04/07/2017 Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST n/a n/a
Australian Conservatives (SA) 04/07/2017 Conservatives n/a n/a
Advance SA 07/11/2017   n/a n/a
Child Protection Party 12/12/2017 CPP n/a n/a

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