Council campaign donations

All candidates, whether successful or not, must lodge a Campaign Donations Return with the council Chief Executive Officer (CEO) disclosing:

  • total amount or value of all gifts received
  • the number of people who gave those gifts
  • details of persons and organisations providing those gifts.

Candidates have 30 days after elections conclude to complete and submit the form to the Council CEO.

A Campaign Donations Return form is sent to all candidates following nomination close. The form below is for candidates for all Councils except Adelaide City Council.

Campaign Donations Return form - LG2 (PDF 526 kB)

Adelaide City Council

All candidates for Adelaide City Council, whether successful or not, must lodge both a Campaign Donations Return form and a Campaign Expenditure Return form. 

Campaign Donations Return form - LG31 (PDF 567 kB)
Campaign Expenditure Return form - LG32 (PDF 562 kB)


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Authorised by M.Sherry, Electoral Commissioner