Special State enrolment categories

Special categories of enrolment exist for people with special needs or with specific circumstances that may affect their enrolment

Registered declaration voting

Electoral Commission SA maintains a register of voters who are permanently prevented from attending a polling booth and meet certain criteria. These voters are called registered declaration voters for state elections and general postal voters for federal elections. 

Once registered, you do not need to re-apply for future elections.

To apply to become a registered declaration voter you must meet one of the following criteria that prevent you from attending a polling place on polling day:

  • Distance – you are enrolled at an address more than 20 km away from any polling place
  • Illness – you are a patient at a hospital or nursing home and unable to travel to a polling place
  • Infirmity – you are unable to travel to a polling place due to being infirm or seriously ill at home
  • Caring for others – caring for a person who is seriously ill or infirm
  • Physical disability – you are unable to sign your name due to a physical incapacity
  • Religion – your religious beliefs or membership of a religious order prevent you from attending a polling place on polling day
  • Overseas – you are an elector who is registered as an overseas elector
  • Silent elector – you are an elector whose address has been suppressed

To become a registered declaration voter, you can:

Register online (external link)

This is an external link to the Australian Electoral Commission. For any questions about the register of declared voters, call 13 23 26.

Silent electors

Silent electors have their address suppressed from the electoral roll. If you believe that your safety or the safety of your family members may be at risk by having your address on the electoral roll, then you can apply to become a silent elector.

People applying to be silent electors can request their ballot papers for all elections to be sent to them by post.

For more information and to access the silent elector application form, visit the Australian Electoral Commission's silent electors (external link) page.

Going overseas

It is not compulsory to vote at South Australian elections if you are travelling or living overseas.

You will be automatically excused from voting at State elections if you notify the Australian Electoral Commission that you are living or travelling overseas. See the Australian Electoral Commission's going overseas (external link) page for notification forms and instructions.

If you were overseas for a State Election, or for a by-election, you will be excused for not voting. Complete the email form on the contact us page. Include your full name, date of birth, and enrolled address.

Enrolled South Australians living overseas can vote at state elections. You can apply for a postal vote, or vote at an overseas polling place. Information about those voting options will be available on this website before the next State Election in March 2018. If you are registered as an overseas elector with the Australian Electoral Commission you can also register to have ballot papers sent for state elections.

Enrolment for people with no fixed address

People with no fixed address have different enrolment and voting requirements.


There is a specific enrolment form for people with no fixed address. It is available:


If you are enrolled as a person with no fixed address you can vote at any polling place in South Australia or at an interstate early voting centre. If you are enrolled as a person with no fixed address and do not vote at an election you will not be fined. Your name will be removed from the electoral roll but you can re-enrol at any time.

Electors unable to sign their name due to physical incapacity

If you are unable to sign your name due to a physical disability you may get someone else to complete your enrolment form and sign it on your behalf.
You will need a registered medical practitioner to complete and sign the medical certificate on this form.
See the Australian Electoral Commission and select the South Australia – Unable to sign form (external link).


It is compulsory for South Australian prisoners to vote in State elections and keep their enrolment details up to date. If you are currently serving a prison sentence you may need to update your enrolment details. See the Australian Electoral Commission and select the South Australia – Prisoner enrolment form (external link). 

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