Check your enrolment

The electoral roll has closed. It is now too late to enrol or update your details for the 2019 Cheltenham and Enfield by-elections.

If you are enrolled in Cheltenham or Enfield, but your details are not up to date, you are still required to vote at the relevant by-election.

If your details are not up to date, you should update them now to be ready to vote at future federal, state and local government elections.

To check your enrolment details you can:

Check your enrolment (external link)

This is an external link to the Australian Electoral Commission. For any questions about the Check my Enrolment feature, call 13 23 26.

If you are registered as a silent, itinerant or overseas elector your details are not available online and you will need to contact ECSA on 1300 655 232.

The electoral roll is continuously updated, although changes can take some time to appear.

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