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Features of the district

Located to the north east of metropolitan Adelaide, the southern part of King is a suburban residential area while the northern part of district is largely rural. The district also includes the Little Para Reservoir.

Approximately 144.58 km2

King includes the suburbs of Bibaringa, Golden Grove, Gould Creek, Greenwith, Hillbank, One Tree Hill, Salisbury Heights, Salisbury Park, Uleybury and Yattalunga, and parts of the suburbs of Salisbury East and Surrey Downs.


The district of King, as it exists now, was created at the 2016 boundary redistribution to replace the district of Napier. It will be contested and represented for the first time in 2018.

Origin of the name
The district is named after the Honourable Leonard James King AC QC (1925 – 2011) who was a prominent South Australian lawyer, politician and judge. Mr King was admitted to practice in December 1950 and worked as a solicitor and barrister. He was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1967. In 1970, Mr King entered Parliament as the Member for Coles and served as Attorney-General in the Dunstan Government between 1970 and 1975. He was appointed a puisne judge of the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1975 and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia between 1978 – 1995.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014
King gains the suburbs of Golden Grove, Gould Creek, Greenwith, Hillbank, Salisbury Heights and Salisbury Park, and also parts of the suburbs of Surrey Downs and Salisbury East. King loses the suburbs of Blakeview, Davoren Park, Elizabeth Downs, Evanston South, Kudla, Munno Para, Smithfield and Smithfield Plains, as well as the locality of Sampson Flat. King also loses the remainder of the suburbs of Craigmore, Evanston Park and Munno Para Downs, and part of the locality of Humbug Scrub.

For full details see 2016 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission.

Representation & Results

Members since first represented in 2018

Member  Affiliation  Period 
 Paula Luethen LIB 2018 

Members of former electoral district of Napier (during its existence, 1977 – 2018)

Member  Affiliation  Period 
Terence H. Hemmings ALP 1977 – 1993
Annette K. Hurley ALP 1993 – 2002
Michael F. O’Brien  ALP 2002 – 2014 
Jon Gee ALP 2014 – 2018

Election results

2018 State Election result
2014 State Election results (former electoral district of Napier) 
2010 State Election results (former electoral district of Napier) 

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