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Electoral District of Badcoe map (PDF 970 kB)

Features of the district

The district of Badcoe is a mostly residential area extending south-west from the City of Adelaide’s parklands and includes residential and some light industrial areas. It takes in many of metropolitan Adelaide’s inner south-western suburbs.

Approximately 13.95 km2

Badcoe includes the suburbs of Ascot Park, Ashford, Black Forest, Clarence Gardens, Clarence Park, Edwardstown, Everard Park, Forestville, Glandore, Keswick, Kurralta Park, North Plympton and South Plympton. It also includes parts of the suburbs of Millswood and Plympton.

This list is indicative only.


This district, formerly named Ashford, was created at the 2016 electoral redistribution and will be first represented in 2018.

Origin of the name
The district is named in honour of Peter John Badcoe VC (1934 – 1967), who served in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and was killed by enemy fire in Vietnam. Badcoe was awarded the Victoria Cross, as well as several other service medals for his bravery and acts of heroism in the Vietnam War.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014
Badcoe gains the suburbs of Ascot Park, Cumberland Park, Kurralta Park and North Plympton. It also gains the remainder of the suburbs of Edwardstown and South Plympton. Badcoe loses the suburbs of Camden Park, Cumberland Park, Kings Park and Novar Gardens. It also loses parts of the suburbs of Millswood, Plympton and Plympton Park, and the remainder of the suburbs of Goodwood and Wayville. 

For full details see 2016 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission.

Representation & Results

Members since first represented in 2018

Member  Affiliation  Period 
 Jayne Stinson ALP 2018  

Members of former electoral district of Ashford (during its existence, 2002 – 2018)

Member  Affiliation  Period 
Stephanie W.Key ALP 2002 – 2018

Election results

2018 State Election results
2014 State Election results (former electoral district of Ashford)
2010 State Election results (former electoral district of Ashford)

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