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Electoral District of Light (PDF, 754KB)

Features of the district


The district of Light is located just north of greater metropolitan Adelaide, extending from the outer Elizabeth suburb of Munno Para in the south to the fast-growing town of Gawler and its suburbs in the north. It encompasses both residential and semi-rural areas.


Approximately 119.9 km2


Light incorporates the suburbs and localities of Buchfelde, Evanston, Evanston Gardens, Evanston Park, Evanston South, Gawler, Gawler Belt, Gawler East, Gawler River, Gawler South, Gawler West, Hewett, Hillier, Kudla, Munno Para, Munno Para Downs, Reid, Ward Belt and Willaston. It also includes a portion of Munno Para West suburb.


The district is one of only four (with Flinders, Port Adelaide and West Torrens) to bear the name of one of the 17 original 1857 House of Assembly districts. Light was abolished in 1902 but revived in 1936, effective at the election held in 1938.

Origin of the name

Light is named after Colonel William Light (1786–1839), who was the first Surveyor-General of South Australia. Light determined the site for the City of Adelaide, designed the layout of its streets, squares and Park Lands, and divided its acreage into marketable lots. He also commenced the definition of country sections and land for secondary townships.

Key boundary changes following the 2020 redistribution

Light gains the localities of Gawler Belt, Gawler River and Ward Belt. Light loses a portion of the suburb of Munno Para West.

For full details see the 2020 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF, 1.6MB)

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 1938
Richard L. Butler LCL 1938–1938
Herbert D. Michael LCL 1939–1941
Sydney McHugh ALP 1941–1944
Herbert D. Michael LCL 1944–1956
George Hambour LCL 1956–1960
Leslie C. Nicholson LCL 1960–1962
John S. Freebairn LCL 1962–1970
Bruce C. Eastick LCL/LIB 1970–1993
Malcolm R. Buckby LIB 1993–2006
Antonio (Tony) Piccolo ALP 2006–present

Election results