2018-2022 electoral district map


Features of the district


This largely residential district is located in the north-eastern suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide, with Grand Junction Road forming the southern boundary.


Approximately 21.25 km2


Florey includes the suburbs of Ingle Farm, Modbury North, Para Vista, Pooraka, Valley View and Walkley Heights, and includes part of the suburbs of Modbury and Northfield.


The district was created at the 1969 boundary redistribution and first contested and represented in 1970.

Origin of the name

Florey is named after the Nobel Prize winning Australian pharmacologist and pathologist Howard Walter Florey (1898-1968). Born and educated in Adelaide, Florey went to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He became a world-renowned scientist and pioneered the development and use of antibiotics (penicillin) sharing the Nobel Prize in 1945 for this discovery.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014

Florey gains the suburbs of Ingle Farm and Walkley Heights, and gains the remainder of the suburbs of Para Vista and Valley View and parts of the suburbs of Northfield and Pooraka. Florey loses the suburb of Modbury Heights. It also loses the remainder of the suburbs of Gilles Plains, Ridgehaven and Wynn Vale, and parts of the suburbs of Hope Valley, Modbury and Redwood Park.

For full details see 2016 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF 1.8 MB).

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 1970
Charles J. Wells ALP 1970 – 1979
Harold H. O’Neill ALP 1979 – 1982 
Robert J. Gregory ALP 1983 – 1993
Rodney P. Bass LIB 1993 – 1997
Frances E. Bedford ALP/IND 1997 –

Election results

2018 State Election results
2014 State Election results
2010 State Election results