2022–2026 electoral district map

2022 Electoral District of Enfield (PDF, 695KB)

Features of the district


This mostly residential district is located across the inner northern suburbs of metropolitan Adelaide and lies directly north of the electoral district of Adelaide.


Approximately 19.1 km2


Enfield incorporates the suburbs of Blair Athol, Broadview, Clearview, Enfield, Gepps Cross, Lightsview, Northfield, Northgate, Sefton Park and Walkley Heights. Enfield also includes parts of the suburbs of Nailsworth and Prospect.


The district of Enfield, as it exists now, was created at the 1998 boundary redistribution to replace the former district of Ross Smith, and was represented for the first time in 2002. A previous electoral district of Enfield existed from 1956–1970.

Origin of the name

Enfield takes its name from the suburb of Enfield which lies at its centre. The South Australian village of Enfield was laid out in 1843 by George Hickox. He named the village after his birthplace in Middlesex, England - derived from either the Anglo-Saxon word ‘enedfeld’ meaning duck field or the old English word 'feld' meaning open country.

Key boundary changes following the 2020 redistribution

Enfield gains the suburbs of Gepps Cross and Walkley Heights and the remainder of the suburb of Northfield. Enfield loses the suburb of Kilburn and a portion of the suburb of Prospect.  

For full details see the 2020 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF, 1.6MB)

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 2002
John R. Rau ALP 2002–2019
Andrea Michaels ALP 2019*–present


Members of former historical electoral district of Enfield (during its existence, 1956–1970)
John J. Jennings ALP 1956–1970

Election results