2022–2026 electoral district map

 Electoral District of Elizabeth (PDF, 600KB)

Features of the district


This outer suburban electoral district is located in the north of metropolitan Adelaide, covering part of the City of Playford.


Approximately 24.5 km2


Elizabeth incorporates the suburbs of Blakeview, Craigmore, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Downs, Elizabeth East, Elizabeth Grove, Elizabeth Park and a portion of Elizabeth South.


The district of Elizabeth, as it exists now, was created at the 2016 boundary redistribution to replace the former district of Little Para, and was represented for the first time in 2018. A previous electoral district of Elizabeth existed from 1970 to 2006. The electoral district was renamed to Little Para in the 2003 boundary redistribution when a few of the suburban areas bearing the name Elizabeth were divided into two separate electorates. Most of those suburban areas were reunited by the 2016 boundary redistribution.

Origin of the name

The district was named Elizabeth after the former local government area of the City of Elizabeth, which included the many suburban areas bearing the name Elizabeth. All of those were originally named in honour of the sitting monarch.

Key boundary changes following the 2020 redistribution

Elizabeth loses the suburb of Elizabeth Vale and a portion of the suburb of Elizabeth South.

For full details see the 2020 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF, 1.6MB)

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 2018
Lee K. Odenwalder ALP 2018–present
Members of former electoral district of Little Para (during its existence, 2006–2018)
Lea Stevens ALP 2006–2010
Lee K. Odenwalder ALP 2010–2018
Members of historical electoral district of Elizabeth (during its existence, 1970–2006)
John S. Clark ALP 1970–1973
Peter J. K. Duncan ALP 1973–1984
Martyn J. Evans ALP/IND 1984–1994
Lea Stevens ALP 1994–2006

Election results