2022–2026 electoral district map

Electoral District of Colton (PDF, 600KB)

Features of the district


This district situated to the west of metropolitan Adelaide stretches along the Gulf St Vincent and takes in Adelaide Airport as well as the seaside suburbs of Henley Beach and West Beach.


Approximately 25.7 km2


Colton incorporates the suburbs of Adelaide Airport, Fulham, Fulham Gardens, Henley Beach, Henley Beach South, Kidman Park and West Beach. It also includes parts of the suburbs of Grange and Lockleys.


The district was created at the 1991 boundary redistribution and first contested and represented in 1993.

Origin of the name

The district takes its name after the philanthropist and suffragette Lady Mary Colton (1822-1898) who arrived in Adelaide from England in 1839 and worked for the welfare of women and children. Colton was associated with many organisations helping poor city mothers, orphaned and neglected children, and the sight, speech and hearing impaired. Mary Colton was a founder of the Adelaide Children's Hospital and President of the Women's Suffrage League which campaigned for equal voting rights for women which were granted in 1894.

Key boundary changes following the 2020 redistribution

Colton gains a portion of the suburb of Grange and loses the suburb of Glenelg North.  

For full details see the 2020 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF 1.6 MB)

Representation and results

Members since first represented in 1993
Steve G. Condous LIB 1993–2002
Paul Caica ALP 2002–2018
Matt Cowdrey LIB 2018–present

Election results