The resignation of a serving councillor resulted in a South Ward councillor position being vacated.

Section 6A of the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 was applied to fill this vacancy.

The candidates who were not elected in the November 2022 periodic elections were asked to confirm their willingness and eligibility to be elected to this vacancy. As 2 candidates were determined willing and eligible to be elected to the vacancy, a recount of the votes cast at the periodic elections was conducted. 

First preference votes

First preference votes were distributed to the 2 eligible candidates, and ballot papers with no preference expressed for an eligible candidate were recorded as exhausted. Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper.

CandidateFirst preference votes
VOOGT, Rowan Roy1,555
HANKIN, Bill1,090

Distribution of preferences

Rowan Roy VOOGT After the distribution of preferences, Rowan Roy VOOGT obtained 1,555 votes and was declared elected to the vacancy on 5 May 2023.