Apply for a postal vote NOW!

3 Col Feature Mask 150px  Bragg electors, affected by COVID-19, are encouraged to apply for a postal vote now. 
Find more information on our postal voting page.

If you are affected by COVID-19 and unable to apply for a postal vote, contact our call centre on 1300 655 232 to make special voting arrrangements.

The Electoral Commission SA (ECSA) is committed to providing a safe environment for all South Australians to exercise their right to vote.

Our overall strategy for responding to COVID-19 and the delivery of the by-election is to:

  • protect the health and safety of voters
  • protect the health and safety of ECSA staff
  • follow the directions of health and government authorities to prevent, where possible, further spread of COVID-19
  • respond promptly and effectively to minimise the impact of the virus including:
    • encouraging physical distancing and personal hygiene management strategies
    • complying with advice from SA Health to prevent and minimise further outbreaks

Protection measures

The following key protection measures will be adopted to limit the spread of COVID-19 among voters and ECSA staff:


  • social distancing
  • hand sanitising stations
  • queue management
  • bring your own pencil or pen
  • ensuring voting screens are a minimum of 1.5m apart
  • frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces by a dedicated hygiene officer
  • polling officials fully vaccinated.

ECSA staff

  • physical distancing guides to distance voters and ECSA staff when presenting to vote
  • additional cleaning at polling booths
  • frequent use of hand sanitiser
  • procedures for suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 by ECSA staff

Please note that these conditions are subject to change based on directives from SA Health.

You can find the most up to date information about COVID-19 on the SA Health website.