District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula

Supplementary elections

Due to the passing of a member of the council, a supplementary election is necessary to fill the vacancy of Area Councillor.


Event Date
Roll close 5pm, Wednesday 31 July 2019
Opening of nominations Thursday 22 August 2019
Nominations close 12 noon, Thursday 5 September 2019
Dispatch of ballot material to electors Wednesday 18 September 2019 to Tuesday 24 September 2019
Close of voting (Polling Day) 12 noon, Tuesday 8 October 2019
Scrutiny and count Wednesday 9 October 2019

Close of roll

The voters roll for this supplementary election closes at 5pm on Wednesday 31 July 2019.

You can check if you are on the state electoral roll online on the Australian Electoral Commission's website. If you do not appear on the roll and are an Australian citizen aged 18 or over you should enrol immediately via the Australian Electoral Commission website.

If you are not eligible to enrol on the State electoral roll you may still be entitled to enrol to vote if you own or occupy a property. Contact the Council to find out how on (08) 8676 0400 or visit District Council of Lower Eyre Peninsula .


Becoming a member of council is a great way to represent and help make a difference to your local community.

The nomination period for the vacancy of Area Councillor will open on Thursday 22 August 2019 and will close at 12 noon on Thursday 5 September 2019.

A candidate briefing session will be confirmed closer to the event.

General information and resources about nominating for council is also available on our resources for council candidates webpage.

Mid Murray Council, Shearer Ward supplementary election results

Map, Detailed
Ward ( vacancy)
Elected Candidate
Count Summary
Formal votes:  
Informal Votes:  
Voter participation:  
First preference votes (before distribution of preferences)
Below are the first preference votes received by the candidates in the order they appeared on the ballot paper. Percentages have been rounded to two decimal places.
Candidate First preference votes Percentage 
 Outcome of the election (after distribution of preferences)
To view the outcome of the election after the distribution of preferences refer to the distribution report (PDF 285 kB).

2018 Council supplementary election results

2018 State Election Legislative Council results breakdown

Legislative Council Results by Division, Polling Place and Candidate

Adelaide 2018 LC Adelaide (PDF) (XLS)
Badcoe 2018 LC Badcoe (PDF) (XLS)
Black 2018 LC Black (PDF) (XLS)
Bragg 2018 LC Bragg (PDF) (XLS)
Chaffey 2018 LC Chaffey (PDF) (XLS)
Cheltenham 2018 LC Cheltenham (PDF) (XLS)
Colton 2018 LC Colton (PDF) (XLS)
Croydon 2018 LC Croydon (PDF) (XLS)
Davenport 2018 LC Davenport (PDF) (XLS)
Dunstan 2018 LC Dunstan (PDF) (XLS)
Elder 2018 LC Elder (PDF) (XLS)
Elizabeth 2018 LC Elizabeth (PDF) (XLS)
Enfield 2018 LC Enfield (PDF) (XLS)
Finniss 2018 LC Finniss (PDF) (XLS)
Flinders 2018 LC Flinders (PDF) (XLS)
Florey 2018 LC Florey (PDF) (XLS)
Frome 2018 LC Frome (PDF) (XLS)
Gibson 2018 LC Gibson (PDF) (XLS)
Giles 2018 LC Giles (PDF) (XLS)
Hammond 2018 LC Hammond (PDF) (XLS)
Hartley 2018 LC Hartley (PDF) (XLS)
Heysen 2018 LC Heysen (PDF) (XLS)
Hurtle Vale 2018 LC Hurtle Vale (PDF) (XLS)
Kaurna 2018 LC Kaurna (PDF) (XLS)
Kavel 2018 LC Kavel (PDF) (XLS)
King 2018 LC King (PDF) (XLS)
Lee 2018 LC Lee (PDF) (XLS)
Light 2018 LC Light (PDF) (XLS)
MacKillop 2018 LC MacKillop (PDF) (XLS)
Mawson 2018 LC Mawson (PDF) (XLS)
Morialta 2018 LC Morialta (PDF) (XLS)
Morphett 2018 LC Morphett (PDF) (XLS)
Mount Gambier 2018 LC Mount Gambier (PDF) (XLS)
Narungga 2018 LC Narungga (PDF) (XLS)
Newland 2018 LC Newland (PDF) (XLS)
Playford 2018 LC Playford (PDF) (XLS)
Port Adelaide 2018 LC Port Adelaide (PDF) (XLS)
Ramsay 2018 LC Ramsay (PDF) (XLS)
Reynell 2018 LC Reynell (PDF) (XLS)
Schubert 2018 LC Schubert (PDF) (XLS)
Stuart 2018 LC Stuart (PDF) (XLS)
Taylor 2018 LC Taylor (PDF) (XLS)
Torrens 2018 LC Torrens (PDF) (XLS)
Unley 2018 LC Unley (PDF) (XLS)
Waite 2018 LC Waite (PDF) (XLS)
West Torrens 2018 LC West Torrens (PDF) (XLS)
Wright 2018 LC Wright (PDF) (XLS)

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