Profiles for each of the seven candidates are in the same order as their names appear on the ballot paper. This information has been provided by the candidates and neither the Returning Officer nor City of Adelaide take responsibility or bear liability for the content contained within.


City of Adelaide - Area Councillor - 5 August 2021

BARBARO Frank photo

I was a migrant child of six siblings whose studies led me to become a high school prefect and gain education and journalism qualifications. I was founding editorial chair of 'Australian Options', whose key benefactor was Elliott Johnston and patron Hugh Stretton. Adelaide, which has been my home for 25 years, has the potential to be a model city globally. We have benefited from its original design but rapid changes, some openly disruptive, demand respect to the goal of a more liveable, affordable and clean Adelaide. For example, improvements in traffic, parking and air quality are possible as we protect our parklands and the cityscape's integrity. I am inspired by the sentiment attributed to First Nations people to 'touch the Earth lightly', and want to bring my experience, common sense and a dose of Australia's egalitarian spirit to the Council.

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SNAPE Keiran photo
SNAPE, Keiran

Local Wright St resident Keiran Snape has lived in the CBD for over seven years and brings with him a local grassroots perspective. Keiran serves as President of the City South Association and as a committee member of the Adelaide Park Lands Association. One of his most recent accomplishments was the successful petitioning of the City of Adelaide to purchase a new home for the South-West Community Centre. He is a blue-collar hospitality worker with over a decade in the industry and has real life lived experience. Keiran recently married his husband at a local venue and is looking forward to further building his family in the area. As a resident and neighbour, Keiran looks forward to the opportunity to further serve and represent his community. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact details: 0416 064 491

WALLACE Andrew photo

My priority is making Adelaide a better place to live, do business, work, and play. I have been leading change in Adelaide's West End for 12 years with a solid understanding of the greater city. An independent candidate with a focus on working constructively across community and business, I am both a good listener and effective conduit to government for the aspirations of people. As Chair of the Adelaide Business Collective I work to connect customers and commerce across sectors to improve trading conditions in the CBD and North Adelaide. An academic and design professional, I bring a passion for creativity and a concern about the designed quality of the city. I care for people and love our city. If elected I will make sound decisions based on genuine consultation that reflects the aspirations of both business and residents across the whole City of Adelaide. We are one community.

Contact details: 0400 489 079

VLASSIS Theo photo

Service is my business. Life experience - not political careerism. Councillors must find common ground so the city can prosper. I know the concerns of people because I listen. Efficiency and service, dignity and compassion. I am independent and reject factionalism and political grandstanding. A return to fortnightly deliberative meetings will improve transparency. A practical do-er, I recognise the importance of budget control and service standards. A family man, I am married with four children and served for 13 years in Thebarton/West Torrens Councils in the 1980s-90s, and bring over 35 years experience in customer-facing business. My customers are city residents and workers and my business is IGA City East on Hutt Street. Our city vibrancy thrives on events - experiences for people and customers for business. Affordable parking and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists are not mutually exclusive. Growing our city residential population will help business flourish.

Contact details: 8223 1112

SAYYAR DASHTI Shahin photo

I am a tertiary qualified Biomedical Engineer with post grad qualifications in Health, Business & Management with over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. I hold committee positions at Engineers Australia SA, Australian Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry SA, Training and Employment Advisory Council of SA and Persian Cultural Association of SA. Adelaide remains a world class place to live, invest, and run a business and I support a robust and effective approach to make Adelaide a more vibrant and liveable city where we can maintain the lifestyle, we all appreciate and value. My breadth of experience across a variety of sectors is what is needed to lead our City through challenging and changing times. As a community leader, everything that I do is to advance my community. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact details: 0420 435 947

BOOKLESS-PRATZ Ingmar(Alex) photo
BOOKLESS-PRATZ,  Ingmar (Alex)

He has lived in both South and North Wards of the Adelaide City Council for close to twenty years. In his youth he played for both Adelaide City FC and Memorial Drive Tennis Club for five and two years respectively and understands the importance of the Parklands for continued community usage. He comes to the Council position bringing a grounded perspective with a Certifacte IV in Local Government (Planning) along with obtaining a Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, University of South Australia. He is not affiliated with any political or religious organisation. His goals are to bring focus on streetscape, side street lighting, walkability and an empathetic stance on both commercial and dwelling builds. If you do not believe you are being heard, annoyed of the same old things and if you think you cannot make change, you are the person whose vote he wants. Be heard.

Contact details: 8267 2439

SPENCER Kel photo

I am a City of Adelaide resident and businessman and have been a member of your community for 40 years. I want to transform Adelaide into a 'Magnet City' to attract more residents, tourists, business owners and investors. We can achieve this by using our smart thinking innovation skills to create a more sustainable, connected and attractive community. My business experience means that I can help Council deliver the best financial outcomes for ratepayers through effective and efficient management. As a former Property Council of Australia President, I will also ensure Council makes smart property and asset portfolio decisions. Covid-19 is presenting us with many challenges, and I will investigate opportunities to help accelerate our City's recovery. I stand for good planning and development, the preservation of our heritage and parklands, smart money management and public infrastructure upgrades. I am a member of several institutes: FAICD FAIV FAIML FREI.

Contact details: 0418 823 735