Profiles for each of the three candidates are in the same order as their names appear on the ballot paper. This information has been provided by the candidates and neither the Returning Officer for the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council take responsibility or bear liability for the content contained within.

Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council - Area Councillor - 2 Mar 2021

Bill VandepeerPhoto

Based in Auburn and operating a business at Manoora, I think our area is a great place to work and live. If elected, I will have a strong focus on both good governance and the councils agreed strategic outcomes. I am keen for the opportunity to work with other councilors as a member of a team to make sure the assets of the council are working hard for the benefit of the community. I have a strong background in both community service and business activity in our region. I am the Chair of Regional Development Australia, Yorke and Mid North and a member of the CFS. I have a good understanding of business in our region and the critical importance of a vibrant healthy local community. I am interested in what is important to you to enable our community to thrive and make a commitment to listen and collaborate.

Contact details: 0407 818 454

Susan Cunningham Photo

The Clare and Gilbert Valleys is one of the best places to live and work in South Australia. I would love to be elected to the council to ensure this situation is not only maintained but improves. If elected, my goal is for our community to be both economically and environmentally sustainable into our future. I have lived in the region for the past 20 years with my partner Simon and our 2 children. In that time I have been involved with many community groups; such as the Minman Sporting Club, The Riesling Trail Management Committee, The Watervale Community Association, Climate Connect Mid North to name a few. My employment history shows a long-term commitment to the wine industry and local tourism through my roles in the cellar doors at Taylors, Crabtree and Sevenhill. I believe I have the necessary skills and experience to represent you whole-heartedly on our Council.

Email details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

David Owen Wilson Photo
WILSON, David Owen

I am a lifetime local of Clare Valley. Innovative and diverse in my thinking, I had the vision to introduce the first Bobcat loader to the district, then owning a private wool buying business. I am currently a tour operator known colloquially as Mr Willson. I held the positions of founding Vice Chair and Chair of the Clare Valley Flying Group for ten years, instrumental in the inception and development of the Clare Valley Aerodrome. I have travelled Australia proudly promoting the Clare Valley region to Australia's leading domestic and international tourism bodies. Invited to nominate, I asked myself, Why go on Council? Hosting guests from all over the world, a regular comment is, What a beautiful region you live in, so diverse with so much to offer. The answer to Why? it's my time and my way to give back to a region that has been good to me.

Contact details: 0418 832 812

Owen Perry
OWEN, Perry

My young family and I reside in Riverton. With the expanding interests and curiosities of my children, I aim at providing an exciting and flourishing region for them to grow into and explore. Growth and development in our regional centres and open space areas will drive local business and encourage this growth. I come from a military background and am currently employed in another Council's governance team providing me with broad knowledge, experience and no-nonsense decision making, an asset to Council. I am a member of the Riverton RSL and Riverton golf club. I am excited for this opportunity to grow not just Riverton but the wider community, it is our community so let us build it together.

Contact details: 0487 587 956