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2022 Electoral District of Frome (PDF, 1.8MB)

Features of the district


Frome is a country district in the mid-north of the state. This rural electorate stretches north-eastwards from the Gawler River and Gulf St Vincent in the south, and encompasses rich livestock farming and horticultural areas, including the Clare Valley wine region.


Approximately 12,921.4 km2


Frome incorporates the Adelaide Plains Council, Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council, the Regional Council of Goyder, and portions of Light Regional Council, Mid Murray Council, Northern Areas Council and Wakefield Regional Council. It includes localities such as Burra, Clare, Dutton, Eudunda, Hamley Bridge, Kapunda, Riverton, and Two Wells.


The seat of Frome has had three incarnations in the history of South Australia’s House of Assembly. First represented in 1884 as a seat in the far north, its first incarnation ceased to exist in 1902. Frome was revived between 1938 and 1977, based around the area north of Port Pirie. The district name of Frome was once again revived at the 1991 redistribution but with boundaries somewhat different to its previous incarnation. It has been contested and represented continuously since 1993. At the 2020 redistribution, its boundaries were altered significantly, including notably the removal of Port Pirie — previously the district’s main population centre.

Origin of the name

The district is named after Captain EC Frome (1802–1890) who arrived in the Province in September 1839 and was appointed by Governor Gawler to the Executive Council. Frome was the third Surveyor-General after Light and Sturt and made a notable contribution to the development of the colony, including early surveys of the South Flinders Ranges near Port Pirie.

Key boundary changes following the 2020 redistribution

Frome gains Adelaide Plains Council and the Regional Council of Goyder, as well as portions of Light Regional Council (including the localities of Freeling, Kapunda and Roseworthy), Mid Murray Council (including the localities of Dutton and Dutton East), Northern Areas Council (including the localities of Bundaleer North, Jamestown and Spalding), and Wakefield Council (including the localities of Avon and Pinery). Frome loses Port Pirie Regional Council and a portion of Northern Areas Council (including the locality of Narridy).

For full details see the 2020 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF, 1.6MB)

Representation and results

Members since first represented as single-member district in 1938 (lapsed 1977–1993)
Michael R. O’Halloran ALP 1938–1960
Tom Casey ALP 1960–1970
Ernest Allen LIB 1970–1977
Rob Kerin LIB 1993–2008
Geoff Brock IND 2009*–2022
Penelope Pratt LIB 2022–present


Election results