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Features of the district


The district of Adelaide includes the central business district of the state capital, all city parklands, North Adelaide and the largely residential suburbs to the immediate north of the city and North Adelaide.


Approximately 22.84 km2


Adelaide includes the suburbs of Adelaide, Collinswood, Fitzroy, Gilberton, Medindie, Medindie Gardens, North Adelaide, Ovingham, Thorngate and Walkerville. It also includes parts of the suburbs of Nailsworth and Prospect.

This list is indicative only.


Adelaide has been used as a district name since 1902. In 1856 the electoral district of the 'City of Adelaide' was first created as one of the 17 House of Assembly districts. In 1861 it became 'East Adelaide' and reverted to the name 'Adelaide' in 1901.

Origin of the name

Queen Adelaide was the wife of King William IV when the site for the capital of the new colonial province was chosen in 1836. Adelaide is the only Australian capital city to be named after a woman.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014

Adelaide gains the remainder of the suburb of Collinswood. Adelaide loses part of the suburb of Prospect. 

For full details see 2016 Report of the Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission (PDF 1.8 MB).

Representation and results

Members since introduction of single member representation in 1938
Douglas H. Bardolph IND, ALP 1938 – 1944 (first elected 1933)
Robert A. Dale ALP 1944 – 1947 
Herbert J. George ALP 1947 – 1950
Samuel J. Lawn ALP 1950 – 1971 
John D. Wright ALP 1971 – 1985 
Michael G. Duigan ALP 1985 – 1989
Jane D. Lomax-Smith ALP 2002 – 2010
Rachel Sanderson LIB 2010 –

Election results

2018 State Election results
2014 State Election results
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