Downloadable district maps

There are 47 House of Assembly electoral districts in South Australia.

To download a map of your 2018-2022 electoral district in PDF format, click on the district in the list below. Each district map displays:

  • the boundaries of the electoral district
  • the suburbs and localities that form part of the electoral district
  • the neighbouring electoral districts
  • the names of key roads and waterways
  • an inset showing the location of the electoral district in metropolitan Adelaide or the wider state

Maps of the 2014-2018 electoral districts (used for the 2014 State Election) can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Select your district from the following list:

Adelaide (PDF 1MB)
Badcoe  (PDF 970 kB)
Black  (PDF 986 kB)
Bragg  (PDF 964 kB)
Chaffey  (PDF 682 kB)
Cheltenham  (PDF 981 kB)
Colton  (PDF 901 kB)
Croydon  (PDF 951 kB)
Davenport  (PDF 1MB)
Dunstan  (PDF 1MB)
Elder  (PDF 915 kB)
Elizabeth  (PDF 1MB)
Enfield  (PDF 923 kB)
Finniss  (PDF 933 kB)
Flinders  (PDF 709 kB)
Florey  (PDF 1MB)
Frome  (PDF 766 kB)
Gibson  (PDF 818 kB)
Giles  (PDF 767 kB)
Hammond  (PDF 815 kB)
Hartley  (PDF 976 kB)
Heysen  (PDF 1MB)
Hurtle Vale  (PDF 913 kB)
Kaurna  (PDF 886 kB)
Kavel  (PDF 1MB)
King  (PDF 1MB)
Lee  (PDF 880 kB)
Light  (PDF 855 kB)
MacKillop  (PDF 722 kB)
Mawson  (PDF 944 kB)
Morialta  (PDF 974 kB)
Morphett  (PDF 807 kB)
Mount Gambier  (PDF 545 kB)
Narungga  (PDF 827 kB)
Newland  (PDF 995 kB)
Playford  (PDF 1MB)
Port Adelaide  (PDF 1MB)
Ramsay  (PDF 1MB)
Reynell  (PDF 947 kB)
Schubert  (PDF 874 kB)
Stuart  (PDF 803 kB)
Taylor  (PDF 855 kB)
Torrens  (PDF 1MB)
Unley  (PDF 865 kB)
Waite  (PDF 910 kB)
West Torrens  (PDF 996 kB)
Wright  (PDF 1MB)

Maps of the 2014-2018 electoral districts

These districts were established in the 2012 redistribution of electoral boundaries and effective between March 2014 and March 2018.

Adelaide (PDF 1.76 MB)
Ashford  (PDF 1.73 MB)
Bragg  (PDF 1.84 MB)
Bright  (PDF 1.38 MB)
Chaffey  (PDF 1.13 MB)
Cheltenham  (PDF 1.8 MB)
Colton  (PDF 1.41 MB)
Croydon  (PDF 1.82 MB)
Davenport (PDF 1.6 MB)
Dunstan  (PDF 1.88 MB)
Elder  (PDF 1.74 MB)
Enfield  (PDF 1.65 MB)
Finniss  (PDF 1.42 MB)
Fisher (PDF 1.58 MB)
Flinders   (PDF 1.18 MB)
Florey  (PDF 1.74 MB)
Frome  (PDF 1.68 MB)
Giles  (PDF 1.41 MB)
Goyder  (PDF 1.46 MB)
Hammond  (PDF 1.5 MB)
Hartley  (PDF 1.75 MB)
Heysen  (PDF 1.56 MB)
Kaurna  (PDF 1.33 MB)
Kavel  (PDF 1.43 MB)
Lee  (PDF 1.58 MB)
Light  (PDF 1.82 MB)
Little Para  (PDF 1.74 MB)
MacKillop  (PDF 1.19 MB)
Mawson  (PDF 1.9 MB)
Mitchell  (PDF 1.77 MB)
Morialta  (PDF 1.99 MB)
Morphett  (PDF 1.42 MB)
Mount Gambier  (PDF 774 kB)
Napier  (PDF 1.92MB)
Newland  (PDF 1.56 MB)
Playford  (PDF 1.76 MB)
Port Adelaide  (PDF 1.75 MB)
Ramsay  (PDF 1.82 MB)
Reynell  (PDF 1.38 MB)
Schubert  (PDF 1.57 MB)
Taylor (PDF 1.41 MB)
Taylor  (PDF 1.89 MB)
Torrens  (PDF 1.72 MB)
Unley  (PDF 1.52 MB)
Waite  (PDF 1.65 MB)
West Torrens  (PDF 1.87 MB)
Wright  (PDF 1.55 MB)

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