Annual report and other corporate publications

Electoral Commission SA (ECSA) produces an annual report every financial year which details activities and provides accountability to stakeholders. The Annual Report is tabled in Parliament and contains audited financial statements and performance indicators.

In line with Government policy, the report is not produced in hard copy.

In 2017 the Department of Premier and Cabinet established new guidelines for annual reporting which stipulate only information required by Act, Regulation or public complaints by the Ombudsman be included with audited financial statements.

In support of these requirements, ECSA also produces a ‘Year in Review’ which will be published on this page in December 2019 and contains highlights of 2018–19 together with other information reporting on performance.

Annual reports going back to 2004 are available below, along with Years in Review dating back to 2016-2017.


Annual Report 2018-2019 (PDF 1.4 MB) Year in Review 2018-2019 (PDF 2.9 MB)
Annual report 2017-2018  (PDF 1.7 MB) Year in Review 2017-2018 (PDF 4.5 MB)
Annual report 2016-2017 (PDF 800 MB) Year in Review 2016-2017 (PDF 2.6 MB)
Annual report 2016-2017 (Online Version)  Year in Review 2016-2017 (Online Version)
Annual report 2015-2016  (PDF 3.07 MB)  
Annual report 2014-2015 (PDF 5.75 MB)   
Annual report 2013-2014  (PDF 7.20 MB)  
Annual report 2012-2013  (PDF 6.29 MB)   
Annual report 2011-2012 (PDF 3.44 MB)   
Annual report 2010-2011 (PDF 3.95 MB)  
Annual report 2009-2010 (PDF 6.21 MB)  
Annual report 2008-2009  (PDF 3.01 MB)  
Annual report 2007-2008  (PDF 1.01 MB)  
Annual report 2006-2007  (PDF 1.94 MB)  
Annual report 2005-2006 (PDF 1.43 MB)  
Annual report 2004-2005 (PDF 1.03 MB)  


Reporting and disclosing

Gift register

Overseas travel register


Other corporate publications

Strategic Plan 2017-20

Report into the Operation and Administration of South Australia’s Funding, Expenditure and Disclosure Legislation (PDF 2.69 MB)

ECSA Research Framework (PDF 767 kB)

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