Current State electoral district map

2014 District of Waite map (PDF 1.68 MB)

2014 State election results

Electors on roll - 25 396
Formal ballot papers - 22 983
Informal ballot papers - 575
Total ballot papers returned - 23 558

2014 two party preferred vote
LIB - 61.4%
ALP - 38.6%

Members since first represented in 1993

Surname First Name Party Period
BAKER Stephen J LIB 1993 - 1997
HAMILTON-SMITH  Martin L J  LIB  1997 - 

LIB = Liberal Party of Australia


This district was created at the 1991 redistribution, effective at the 1993 election.

Name origin: Peter Waite (1834-1922) arrived in South Australia in 1859 and acquired property at Urrbrae in 1874. He was Chairman of Elder's Wool and Produce Company in 1883 and Chairman of Directors of Elder Smith and Co. in 1888. He donated his Urrbrae estate to the University of Adelaide in 1913 and further land in 1915. He also gave 45 hectares to the South Australian government for the establishment of an agricultural high school. In 1923 the Waite Agricultural Research Institute was named after him.

Approximately 33.1 km²

To the south of Adelaide this largely residential area includes Urrbrae Agricultural High School, Waite Institute and Brownhill Creek Recreation Park.

Key boundary changes compared to 2010:
Waite gains the suburbs of Pasadena and St Marys, part of the suburb of Daw Park and the remainder of the suburb of Panorama. It loses the suburb of Cumberland Park, and part of the suburbs of Daw Park, and Colonel Light Gardens.

2010 District of Waite map (PDF 1.39 MB)