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Days Until

Supplementary council elections

There are 14 days until the next Supplementary council elections.

2016 ACT election

There are 19 days until the next 2016 ACT election.

Electoral Districts Boundaries Commission

Latest news

2016 Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly Election

The Electoral Commission SA will provide early voting facilities for Australian Capital Territory (ACT) electors to vote in the 2016 ACT Legislative Assemb...

19 September 2016

Final results APY supplementary election Pipalyatjara/Kalka

Results for the 2016 supplementary Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Executive Board election for Pipalyatjara/Kalka is now confirmed....

16 September 2016

Final results City of Mitcham

The final results for the supplementary election for a Councillor for The Park Ward in the City of Mitcham are now available. Voting for this election...

16 September 2016