Current State electoral district map

2014 District of Stuart map (PDF 1.44 MB)

2014 State election results

Electors on roll - 23 595
Formal ballot papers - 21 020
Informal ballot papers - 550
Total ballot papers returned - 21 570

2014 two party preferred vote
LIB - 70.5%
ALP - 29.5%

Members since first represented in 1938 (lapsed 1993-1997)

Surname First Name Party Period
RICHES  Lindsay G  ALP  1938 - 1970 
KENNEALLY  Gavin F  ALP 1970 - 1989 
HUTCHISON  Colleen F  ALP  1989 - 1993 
GUNN  Graham M  LIB  1997 - 2010 

ALP = Australian Labor Party
LIB = Liberal Party of Australia


First named as an electorate in 1936, effective at the 1938 elections but ceased to exist in 1993. The name Stuart was revived at the 1994 redistribution of electoral boundaries, effective 1997.

Name origin: John McDouall Stuart (1815-1866), explorer, between 1860 and 1862 pioneered a route across Australia south to north. This paved the way ten years later for the construction of the overland telegraph line from Adelaide to Port Darwin.

Size: Approximately 338 475 km²

Location: A country district extending from Port Augusta, its main population centre, to the Northern Territory and Queensland borders and east to the New South Wales border. The district includes pastoral lease and unincorporated Crown Lands and the Simpson Desert in the far north and extends south to the River Murray area.

Key boundary changes compared to 2010: No changes.

2010 District of Stuart map (PDF 1.26 MB)