Port Adelaide

Current State electoral district map

2014 District of Port Adelaide map (PDF 1.79 MB)

2014 State election results

Electors on roll - 25 700
Formal ballot papers - 22 688
Informal ballot papers - 800
Total ballot papers returned - 23 488

2014 two party preferred vote
ALP - 60.6%
LIB - 39.4%

Members since first represented in 1938

Surname First Name Party Period
STEPHENS James E ALP 1938 - 1959
RYAN John R ALP 1959 - 1970
FOLEY Kevin O ALP 2002 - 2012
CLOSE Susan ALP 2012 -

ALP = Australian Labor Party


Port Adelaide was a district for the Legislative Council 1851-56. The name was used for one of the original House of Assembly electoral districts created in 1856. The name was discontinued in 1969 and was reintroduced by the 1998 boundary redistribution (former district of Hart). 

Name origin: Chosen by Colonel Light as the most suitable port for the province. Light surveyed the road from Adelaide to Port Adelaide in 1837 and reported that a canal could easily be cut to connect the harbour with the River Torrens. Eventually in 1856 a railway was built from the port to the City. It is named after Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV.

Size: Approximately 91.3 km²

Location: To the north-west of the Adelaide city area. It includes part of the historic area of Port Adelaide, seaside suburbs on the west, and the residential suburb of Mawson Lakes to the east.

Key boundary changes compared to 2010: Port Adelaide loses the suburb of Bolivar, the remainder of Paralowie and St Kilda.

2010 District of Port Adelaide map (PDF 1.69 MB)