Current State electoral district map

2014 District of Giles map (PDF 1.44 MB)

2014 State election results

Electors on roll - 22 712
Formal ballot papers - 19 072
Informal ballot papers - 581
Total ballot papers returned - 19 653 

2014 two party preferred vote
ALP - 57.0%
LIB - 43.0%

Members since first represented in 1993

Surname First Name Party Period
BLEVINS Frank T ALP 1993 - 1997
BREUER Lynette R ALP 1997 - 2014
HUGHES Eddie ALP 2014 -

ALP = Australian Labor Party


Contested for the first time at the 1993 elections, following its creation under the 1991 boundaries redistribution.

Name origin: William Ernest Giles (1835-1897) arrived in Adelaide in 1850, and in later life explored much of the hinterland of this rural district. He led the 1872 and 1873 expeditions into Central Australia to find a practicable route to Western Australia, discovering Lake Amadeus and Mount Olga. His third major expedition in 1875 crossed the Great Victoria Desert to WA, returning across the Gibson Desert. This won him a gold medal from the Royal Geographical Society, London, in 1880. He also explored the Musgrave Ranges in 1882.

Size: Approximately 493 365 km²

Location: This remote country district extends from the Iron Triangle City of Whyalla, on the Spencer Gulf, west and north-west to the borders with Western Australia and the Northern Territory and encompasses pastoral leases, Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal Land and Crown Land.

Key boundary changes compared to 2010: Minor administrative changes in Nullabor Plains area.

2010 District of Giles map (PDF 1.1 MB)