Candidate nomination forms and guides

Frequently asked questions


April 2019: Please note the below forms and guides are provided for background information only and will be updated and republished for any future by-election or state election. They should not be used for any official purpose.


Candidates are encouraged to view our frequently asked questions about nominating and standing as a candidate for a House of Assembly seat.

Independent candidates

Public funding information sheet for 2019 Cheltenham or Enfield by-election candidates (Unendorsed) (PDF 149 kB)
RO 16 House of Assembly candidate guide (PDF 1.33 MB)
RO 16B Funding and Disclosure guide Unendorsed Candidates House of Assembly 14/01/2019 (PDF 270 kB)
RO 18 Scrutineer guide (PDF 2.36 MB)
RO 44 House of Assembly nomination form (PDF 503 kB)
RO 44A House of Assembly nominators declaration form (PDF 460 kB)
RO 45 House of Assembly voting tickets advice of independent candidate preferences (485 KB)
RO 59 Appointment of scrutineer (PDF 111 kB)
RO 106 Nomination deposit information banker’s cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (454 kB)
Section 130Y Certificate by-election (PDF 96 kB)


Registered political party candidates

RO 16 House of Assembly candidate guide (PDF 1.33 MB)
RO 18 Scrutineer guide (PDF 2.36 MB)
RO 40B House of Assembly nomination form party candidate (PDF 494 kB)
RO 59 Appointment of scrutineer (PDF 111 kB)

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