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Electoral District of Unley map (PDF 865 kB)

Features of the district

Unley is a largely residential area immediately south of the Adelaide central business district and parklands.

Approximately 14.1  km2

Unley includes the suburbs of Eastwood, Frewville, Fullarton, Glenside, Glenunga, Goodwood, Highgate, Hyde Park, Kings Park, Malvern, Myrtle Bank, Parkside, Unley, Unley Park and Wayville. It also includes parts of the suburbs of Glen Osmond and Millswood.


The district was created in 1936 and became effective at the 1938 elections.

Origin of the name
This district takes its name after the suburb which lies within it. Unley was the family name of the wife of Thomas Whistler, owner of land in Unley which was laid out around 1857. The name may also be named after the village of Undley in Suffolk, England.

Key boundary changes compared to 2014
Unley gains the suburb of Kings Park and parts of the suburbs of Goodwood, Millswood and Wayville.

Representation & Results

Members since first represented in 1938

Member  Affiliation  Period 
John M. McLeay IND 1938 - 1941
Colin R. Dunnage LCL 1941 - 1962
Gilbert R.A. Langley ALP 1962 - 1982
Milton K. Mayes ALP 1982 - 1993
Mark K. Brindal LIB 1993 - 2006
David G. Pisoni LIB 2006 -

Election results

2018 State Election results
2014 State Election results 
2010 State Election results

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