How to complete ballot papers

When voting you will be given two ballot papers. A green paper for the House of Assembly and a white paper for the Legislative Council. Follow the instructions below to make your vote count.

These instructions are available to download: How to complete your ballot papersPDF

Download translated ballot paper instructions at the bottom of the page.

House of Assembly Ballot Paper

On the green ballot paper number every square in order of your choice.

Start with number ‘1’ and continue until all squares are numbered.

 20140102 SG IMG HouseofAssem

If you need assistance or make a mistake please see an electoral official.

Legislative Council Ballot Paper

The white ballot paper is for the Legislative Council. There are two ways you can vote.


Vote above the red line:

  • Place a ‘1’ only in the square for the party or group of your choice
  • Do not mark below the red line

Voting above the red line means the party or group you vote for will decide how to distribute your preferences. 

20140102 SG IMG AboveLine


Vote below the red line:

  • Number every square in order of your choice
  • Start with number ‘1’ and continue until all squares are numbered
  • Do not mark above the red line

By voting below the red line you decide the order of your preferences.

 20140102 SG IMG BelowLine

Don't worry if you make a mistake. Put a line through the mistake and write the correct information alongside it.  Or, ask an electoral official for a replacement ballot paper.

Translated ballot paper instructions

  • ArabicDownload document
  • ChineseDownload document
  • CroatianDownload document
  • DinkaDownload document
  • FrenchDownload document
  • GreekDownload document
  • HindiDownload document
  • IndonesianDownload document
  • ItalianDownload document
  • KhmerDownload document
  • PersianDownload document
  • PitjantjatjaraDownload document
  • PolishDownload document
  • RussianDownload document
  • SerbianDownload document
  • SpanishDownload document
  • SwahiliDownload document
  • VietnameseDownload document


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