Disability Access and Inclusion Plan

Objective 1

To tailor ECSA's services to meet the needs of people with disabilities

Strategies to meet Objective 1 Action
1. Investigate and develop strategies to identify those with disabilities who may not be enrolled. 

A consultative group consisting of representatives from the disability sector provided advice, guidance and feedback to ECSA on disability issues and provision of services for electors with a disability.

Strategies to be included in election related projects.

2. Ensure information and voting materials are in plain language. Design, layout and content will endeavour to be clear and informative.
3. Continue to develop information which will maximise opportunities for people with disabilities to vote.  ECSA will continue to liaise with disability groups on production of easy read publications on enrolling and voting, with written materials using appropriate plain English guidelines, e.g. the SA Government’s Good Practice Guide: Plain English and resources provided by the Plain English Campaign.
4. Provision of appropriate voting options at designated polling booths.  Identify polling booths that have access for people with disabilities and ensure that those polling booths are equipped to cater for people with disabilities. 
5. In conjunction with relevant organisations, develop customer service satisfaction surveys for people with disabilities.  As part of electoral research undertaken in the post-election period, surveys will be conducted and analysed. Advice from the consultative group will be sought on the proposal to target specific organisations with customer surveys. 
6. Ensure advertising includes the provision of electoral information for people with disabilities.  Expert advice will be sought from relevant support agencies for disability groups to ensure that advertising material is accessible. 
7. Provide information on the website in appropriate formats and ensure website content complies with accessibility standards.  Consultation will continue with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to ensure ECSA meets web accessibility guidelines. In addition, testing by Vision Australia of the new website will ensure current accessibility standards for the vision impaired are met. 
8. Investigate electronic voting options for future elections.  It is proposed that for the 2018 election, appropriate measures will be in place to enable a trial of alternate electronic methods of voting. 

Objective 2

Improve voting facilities for people with disabilities

Strategies to meet Objective 2 Action
1. Ensure that the physical layout of polling booths enables easy access for people with disabilities.  Review the current polling place checklist and incorporate any necessary changes. 
2. At least one wheelchair accessible voting screen is provided in polling booths. Ensure distribution of one voting screen per polling booth to allow ease of wheelchair access.
3. Communicate whether there is access for the disabled at each polling booth.  Ensure appropriate advertising of full or assisted wheelchair access to polling booths. 
4. Assess visibility of signage in polling places. Ensure that all signage in polling places is unobstructed and easily visible from wheelchair height.
5. Review ballot box height to ensure it is accessible by a voter in a wheelchair. Ensure that specifications for ballot box production caters for appropriate height, to enable disabled voters ease of access.

 Objective 3

 Improve staff awareness to assist people with disabilities

Strategies to meet Objective 3 Action
1. Provide training sessions for staff who interact with the public. Investigate disability awareness information session for all ECSA staff.
2. Ensure disability awareness is included in staff induction. Amend Staff Induction Checklist to ensure new staff members have induction in disability awareness.
3. Review and update training manuals. Training manuals for polling staff to include information on how to assist people with disabilities and to be aware of the needs of people with disabilities.


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